Field of view: Facebook VR camera designs now available

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Field of view: The week in VR
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Welcome VR lovers of all ages to your weekly roundup of what's been happening in the world of virtual reality.

Now we're not talking about headline-grabbing stories like the Oculus Rift getting room-scale tracking or Fove's redesigned eye-tracking VR headset. We're sure you've already spotted those.

We're all about those interesting snippets you might have missed including more details on PlayStation VR compatibility and a pretty big game launch for the HTC Vive.

Here's what you may have missed from the week in VR.

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Facebook VR camera designs now available

If you fancy having a go at building Facebook's $30,000, 360-degree camera, the social networking giant has now put the designs on GitHub. It's hoped that releasing the blueprints for the open source camera will help the spread of 360-degree videos. Just make sure you have a big chunk of change to do it.

Don't panic, all PlayStation VR games will work on PS4

Sony boss Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that all PSVR games including future titles will be playable on the current PS4 console. There had been concern that gamers would have to invest in the PS4 Neo, an upgraded version of the current gen Sony console to play VR games. The PlayStation VR headset is launching on 13 October, just in time for Christmas.

HTC Vive gets eye-tracking

SensorMotoric Instruments has managed to build a HTC Vive headset with scientific grade eye-tracking in the hope it can be used within a whole host of industries including science, medicine and sports training. By modding the Vive with small cameras and 'structured illumination', SMI says it can offer 250 Hz eye tracking.

VR porn gets more intimate

Adult entertainment website CamSoda is launching a VR platform that will allow users to get closer to the performers. It's using connected sex toys that react to the movements from webcam models. According to Daron Lundeen, president of CamSoda it, "replicates a real life experience creating pulsating vibrations on each end with each person."

Sky VR app incoming

The broadcast powerhouse has confirmed that its first virtual reality app will be launching in the summer. There's no details on what experiences to expect but Sky has confirmed that it has trialled the immersive tech for live boxing bouts, the Tour de France and Formula 1. Sky confirmed that the VR app will be available for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and those cheaper Cardboard headsets.

Play this: Adr1ft

Good news HTC Vive owners, the space survival game has landed on Steam and is one to add to your shopping list. Previously an Oculus Rift exclusive, Adr1ft tells the story of a female astronaut who is the sole survivor on a destroyed space station. With its arrival on the Vive, game studio Three Zero One has built the experience to make use of the Vive's motion controllers letting you reach out for objects and manage your limited oxygen supply. If it's as impressive as the Rift version, it should be an essential download.

It's available to buy for $9.99 now on Steam.

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Watch this: Ride shotgun in a Ferrari

The great thing about VR and 360-degree video is that it can put you in places you'd never think was possible in the real world. Like jumping into a Ferrari GTC4Lusso and riding around the Italian countryside for instance. Motoring journalist Nino Karotta has recorded this impressive immersive footage using a GoPro rig letting you ride up front inside the supercar.


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