Field of view: The week in virtual reality

VR notes from the past seven days

Welcome once again VR lovers to your weekly roundup of the latest launches, announcements and rumours flying around in the world of VR that we've saved to tell you all about them right here.

On the site this week, we spoke about the future of VR and fitness, check in on the latest Xbox One VR rumours and we have our say on why VR needs to get social right.

From VR arcades to a new HTC Vive, here's what you may have missed from the week in VR.

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HTC Vive waiting list is no more

Good news for those who've been still trying to getting their hands on the HTC VR headset. HTC has promised that it will now ship within three days of purchase and it's going to get more devices into physical stores so more people can go out and try it as well.

PlayStation VR launch lineup is shaping up

Sony's VR headset isn't launching until October this year, but E3 is next week and we expect to have a better idea of what we'll be able to play on it. Sony has already been teasing its VR launch games including Harmonic Music VR (a collection of mini music games), a cutesy game called Tethered and a bizarre puzzle title called Statik.

HTC Vive Business Edition is built

HTC has announced an enterprise-friendly version of its VR headset that's been adapted for business and commercial environments. It'll be available with all the same kit as the consumer version and includes a dedicated customer support line. It'll be rolling out in US, Canada, UK, Germany and France from June 2016.

VR arcades are coming

Zero Latency, creators of a VR shooting game where users play together in the same room, is bringing the experience to Japan. Sega is helping to bring the permanent installation overseas where players don Oculus Rift headsets, a PC backpack and a weapon. There's also talks to brink the next level laser-tag to other countries in the future too.

Google wants Daydream VR to be a shared experience

Google's Daydream Labs has released a series of videos to prove that VR doesn't have to be a lonely experience. The early experiments gave us a glimpse at how Google envisions interactions between two or more users through its new mobile platform.

Play this: Lightblade VR

Wielding a lightsaber feels like a no brainer for VR so that's why we're surprised it's taken an unofficial Star Wars game to make it a reality. While it's a pretty basic affair at the moment, letting you fend off lasers from droids in a single corridor, you get the sound effects and you get to wave around a lightsaber. Play this before Disney decides to take it down.

It's available now on Steam for $4.

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Watch this: Autism TMI experience

The National Autism Society has produced the above video to simulate what it's like for someone with autism. Part of its 'Too Much Information' campaign, the 360-degree clip puts you in the perspective of a boy who becomes overwhelmed in a shopping centre. Glancing around the scene will let you experience the different sensations like the flickering lights and clicking heels of shoes as shoppers walk past.

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