Field of view: The week in virtual reality

All the important VR notes from the past seven days

Hello again VR lovers, it's your weekly roundup of the latest launches, announcements and rumors flying around in the world of VR. As usual, we've saved all the good stuff here so you can get your fix in one sitting.

On the site this week, we've explored how many wearable devices have been sold - including VR headsets, while Razer is launching preorders for it's second-gen headset. We've also taken a look at where VR tourism will take us next plus updated our list of VR peripherals we've tried that you might want to check out for yourself.

For everything else, read on to see what you missed from the week in VR.

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Sony revealed a new PS VR feature

PlayStation's Japanese blog, demonstrated a feature we haven't really heard about for PlayStation VR called Cinematic Mode. Users apparently will have three screen sizes to choose from with the mode - a large resolution simulating a 226-inch screen, a medium-sized 163-inch display and a smaller setting of 117 inches. Later on in the blog it's also confirmed that PlayStation 4 and PS VR will support 360 degree images and video content.

Darth Vader's getting his own VR experience

During the recent Star Wars Celebration panel, it was revealed that Lucasfilm's ILMxLAB is teaming up with David S. Goyer (writer of films Batman Begins and Man of Steel) to create an original VR story starring everyone's favorite villain, Darth Vader. You'll get to be part of the 'film' as well, rather than being passive and simply watching. It'll be awhile before you can interact in the VR film though - it sounds like it's headed for a release in a year or so.

HTC VR-ready computers from HP might be a thing soon

Oculus has its partnerships for VR PC's and HTC has a few as well - however the latter company may be going a step further soon. According to Digitimes, a 'source' from the supply chain says HTC wants to use HP computers, use the familiar HTC Vive brand and sell them at affordable prices.

Canadian devs Tek Gear giving away free VR headsets

FreeHMD is exactly what it sounds like. Canadian developers Tek Gear, who were part of the VR industry in the 90s, are giving away free VR headsets. You'll still have to pay for shipping and handling but if you've ever wanted a Gear VR-styled headset for your mobile phone, give it a try.

Play this: Trials on Tatooine

We played Trials on Tatooineearlier this year and boy, did we love it. More of an experience than an actual game, you still get to wield a light saber and hang out with R2-D2 for a bit while Han yells at you. The only downside was that it ended too soon. Trials is available now on Steam to try out with HTC Vive. Bonus - it's free.

Watch this: Mr Robot short

It may not be available at the moment since it's a Comic-Con exclusive, but the short should be back on 25 July through the Within app which is compatible with Gear VR and Google Cardboard viewers. With the season 2 premiere of Mr Robot, a roller coaster show about a hacker mired in dangerous conspiracies, the USA network had released a 13-minute short for one day during the convention. It's received good reviews and we're excited to watch it ourselves.


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