Field of view: HTC Vive's new free game bundle

Your weekly roundup of all things virtual reality
Field of view: The week in VR
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It's your weekly round up of news and features all about VR back again, with a healthy dose of education, as it's been a big theme on the site this week.


Reports note that VR will be a big in classrooms of the future and we sat down with the COO of Speech Center VR who wants to be the education platform for the masses, starting with teaching public speaking skills. Then there's the way VR could change the way we watch sports - essentially giving us a more immersive front row seat, all without leaving the comfort of our couch.

On the newsy front, Dlodlo VR glasses are on the way from China later this year and the GoPro Omni is set to go on sale in August. Read on to catch other VR news you may have missed.

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HTC Vive's new free game bundle

Starting today, ordering the HTC Vive will get you a free Steam code for The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed by Cloudhead Games, Tilt Brush by Google and Zombie Training Simulator by Acceleroto. We haven't tried the zombie game, but we can attest that the other two titles are fantastic. Previous orders were bundled with Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator which you'll have to buy now if you don't already own them.


HTC China president says PS VR price is misleading

It looks like HTC is giving the PlayStation VR some major side eye - well, at least HTC China president Alvin Wang Graylin is. In a blog post, he discussed how the price of PS VR is more expensive than it sounds. He's likely referring to the fact that it doesn't include the peripherals that are needed to use the console headset. While true, it makes sense Sony didn't bundle everything together because the camera and Move controllers have been out awhile meaning people may have them already. Graylin would have been better positioned if he discussed the price of Oculus Rift considering Touch controllers will cost extra making the Rift's total higher.

Google Daydream is taking on internet trolls

Trolls are the internet's greatest nuisance and it looks like Google's Daydream Labs is creating methods to stop them. Along with punishing bad behavior - rewards were tested for good behavior as well.

Mindshow is like Tilt Brush - but with everything

What does that mean? Well, think VR creation in Tilt Brush, but apply it the whole world around you including yourself. That seems to be the idea behind Visionary VR's experience. We're not sure if it's a game, app or platform just yet but we're excited to try out ourselves soon.


Bored guy makes VR 'travel' app with Street View, Gear VR and exercise bike

Yep, pretty much that. Or more specifically, Aaron Puzey, a video game developer, created his own app program that draws images from Google Street View to try and bike the length of Great Britain - from his indoor exercise bike using a Samsung Gear VR. His reason? Boredom with his exercise bike.

Play this: Mountain Goat Mountain

Mountain Goat Mountain is an mobile phone game from Zynga that's now on the Oculus Rift. And yes, it's as silly and fun as it sounds. The fast arcade game has you jumping, climbing and dodging your way up a handful of environments, all the while collecting Goat Hats along the way (c'mon you know you want that sweet cowboy hat in the photo above). Best part? The game is free and available now from Oculus Home.

Watch this: 2016 Rio Olympics

The games have already begun but there's still time to check out the Olympics on your Gear VR headset. Sure, it's fun on a big screen TV but what if you were front and center? The app is available for free and there's a slight delay in filming but it should be pretty cool to check out anyway.


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