Field of view: HTC is making its first VR game

VR notes from the past seven days
Field of view: The week in VR
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Field of view, Field of view, Field of view. Here we are again with your weekly VR news and recommendations update. And there has been plenty going on in the world of virtual reality over the past seven days.


In this week's VR pieces on the site, we went and did a guide to Daydream, Google's new Android-powered VR platform, tested the LG 360 VR (don't buy one) and covered OnePlus giving away a Loop VR headset with its phones. Plus we previewed the Augmented World Expo, an AR and VR show which is coming to Santa Clara on 1 June.

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HTC is making its first VR game

A bit surprising since it has partnered with no less than Valve but HTC will be showing offFront Defense, its first VR game made for Vive, at Computex next week. News of the wartime FPS comes after HTC announced its $100 million Vive X program for studios and startups who want to build Vive experiences.


Facebook just bought a spatial audio company

That's right. Spatial audio is set to be a big part of the effort to totally immerse us in 3D, VR scenes. And Facebook (which owns Oculus) knows it which is why it has acquired the Edinburgh based Two Big Ears. The tech will be free for devs to use via its Facebook 360 Spatial Workshop tool.

UK jurors experience crime scenes in VR

Staffordshire University is experimenting with recreating crime scenes in VR and then giving jurors in court cases a headset like the Vive to experience for themselves.

The police involved are referring to the scheme as a concept but Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls, who heads up the project, said: "What we want to do is to come up with the best solution that helps the criminal justice system - help the police in their detection and recording of crime and then to help jurors in court to understand those crimes better that they ever did before."

Oculus update means no more Revive hack for Vive

A couple of weeks ago FOV included a note on Revive, which helps Vive owners to play some Oculus games on their rival headset. A new update's 'platform integrity checks' now block access for Vive gamers. Oculus say it's to stop piracy... Hmm..


ZTE VR headset is 'Daydream ready'

And it begins - ZTE's new VR headset for its Axon 7 smartphone, named the ZTE VR, is apparently 'Daydream VR'. Now, we don't know if this means it's an official Daydream headset or whether ZTE just means the Axon 7 will be Daydream compatible. We'll find out between now and the autumn.

Play this: The Gallery: Call of the Starseed

A Vive title this week, we recommend this episode of Cloudhead Games' VR series. The first person fantasy adventure is atmospheric, looks gorgeous - in a bleak kind of way - and makes really great use of room scale tracking.

It's available now on Steam for $29.99.

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Watch this: Seeking Pluto's Frigid Heart

The NYT's latest video on YouTube 360 uses actual data from a NASA New Horizons spacecraft flyby in 2015 and was made in collaboration with the Lunar and Planetary Institute and the Universities Space Research Association.

Note: this isn't footage of Pluto, it's a rendered animation. Still, uh-mazing.


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