Field of view: HTC's VIVE accelerator program is up and running

VR notes from the past seven days
Field of view: The week in VR
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It's that time of the week ladies and gents for your weekly roundup of what's been happening in the world of virtual reality.

We got to play with Samsung's new Gear VR headset and picked out our favourite virtual reality games while figuring out which VR games made us feel the most and least sick. We even went to one of the first VR cinemas in the States to see what it was like (fun but needs some work). Excitingly, there's also been some development for HTC Vive's upcoming app store called Viveport.

Then there's the interesting stories that we've saved until now to show some love. From spooky videos to some big news for the HTC Vive, here's what you may have missed from the week in VR.

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You need a lot of space to play PlayStation VR

Make room PS4 owners, according to a brochure for Sony's soon to be released VR headset, prospective owners will need 9.8 feet by 6.2 feet of tracking space. Users will also require being in a specific sweet spot and not straying too far away from the single PlayStation camera to get the full VR effect.

HTC's VIVE accelerator program is up and running

HTC has taken a big step to growing the Vive ecosystem by selecting the first group of VR startups to benefit from its accelerator program. The first 33 startups picked for the training program span a host of different areas of VR including apps, devices and services. All will have to complete a series of challenges over the coming months and it's hoped this will help shape the future of virtual reality on both software and hardware fronts.

Valve opens up Vive room-scale tracking system to all

The Vive's killer VR feature will now be available for anyone that wants to incorporate the SteamVR tracking technology into third party peripherals. The good news is that it's going to be available royalty free so companies won't have to pay a licensing fee. That means we could see more room-scale tracking devices crop up in the very near future.

Rio 2016 Olympics gets the 360-degree video treatment

The BBC is getting in on the immersive action at this year's summer Olympics by announcing that it will be broadcasting 100 hours of 360-degree video action from Rio. Boxing, fencing and basketball are among the sports being covered along with the opening and closing ceremonies. You can access if from the BBC Sport 360 app, which is compatible with Cardboard viewers and the Samsung Gear VR.

Play this: Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush is one of our Vive game favourites and now there's even more reason to power up that gaming PC, grab your headset and controllers. The latest update to Google's creative VR experience now adds a new Audio Reactor mode that means your creations will now react to whatever music is being churned out of your PC.

It's available to buy for $29.99 now on Steam.

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Watch this: Stranger Things

If you haven't seen Netflix Original Stranger Things yet, you should. It's very good and we're big fans of it. To tie in with the series hitting the streaming service, Netflix has made its first 360-degree video that plays on the paranormal atmosphere of the show. Grab your Google Cardboard viewer and give it a watch.


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