Field of view: This guy spent 25 hours inside a HTC Vive

VR notes from the past seven days
Field of view: The week in VR
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It's Field of view, your new favourite Friday column on virtual reality. And there's no shortage of interesting VR stories and recommendations.


The VR news that hit this week included Oculus Rift going on sales in bricks and mortar stores before all the pre-orders have shipped, tsk tsk. And we chatted to Derren Brown and Figment about the upcoming VR Ghost Train ride due to open today at Thorpe Park in the UK. Sure, it's delayed but it's still worth a read to see what TV trickster Brown has been up to.

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This guy spent 25 hours inside a HTC Vive

Derek Westerman, an LA filmmaker, spent 25 hours and two minutes inside a HTC Vive, playing in the Tilt Brush 3D illustration app. You can read the account here but as we've spent a few 30 minute+ sessions in VR, we really wouldn't recommend it. There's babbling...


Hulu gets into VR live gigs

Hulu's planning a series for the Samsung Gear VR which is pretty cool. It's a partnership with Live Nation and will let users walk out onto the stage at a big concert. We don't know much else but watch this space.

AOL is building a 360 degree studio

AOL is using some of its big money, specifically part of a recent $4.4 billion investment, to build a studio fit for live streaming of 360 degree experiences in front of live audiences. AOL now owns RYOT and apparently produces five hours of VR content a day so expect it to be a big player.

An Anne Frank VR film is coming

The 'VR for good' trend continues with a virtual reality film which puts the viewer inside Anne Frank's secret annex while hiding from Nazi persecution during World War Two. From producer Jonah Hirsch and Danny Abrahms, the viewer will experience this alongside Anne and others.


Play this: Smash Hit VR

A quick nod for an oldie (in VR terms) but a goodie.

Smash Hit is based on the addictive smartphone title by Mediocre Games but is a rare game that actually improves on a mobile game by reworking it for another platform. Plus it's free. Do it.

Watch this: Run The Jewels - Crown

It's not just Bjork doing VR music videos, check out the awesome new 360 degree music vid for Crown, the latest by Run The Jewels on YouTube 360. Keep looking round as you go, it feels a bit like one of those quirky plays where the action happens all around you. But with more rapping.

Let us know what you're watching, playing and building in VR this week, in the comments below.


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