Field of view: Pixar debuts its first VR short with Coco

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Field of view: The week in VR & AR
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Welcome one and all to Field of View. Yes, the only place to find out just what's been happening in the virtual and augmented reality worlds this week.


Before we get into it, we need to talk about what's been going down on the site this week on the VR and AR front. We of course have to start with our reporter Conor who has been playing Jedi all week with the Lenovo Mirage augmented reality headset, while we also explored the latest on Apple's AR exploits.

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Over to VR and HTC's Vive Tracker is finally up for grabs for all, plus we explain why the Vive add-on walked away with our VR/AR Innovation of the Year Award at last week's Wareable Tech Awards. The Vive-makers also hit the headlines for announcing the Focus, its first standalone headset although it also revealed it was cancelling its Daydream headset. Lastly, we also refreshed our round-up of the best VR headsets where we crowned a new number one.

But we're not done. We've picked out the best of the rest of the news as well as a game you need to play and a vid that'll get you grabbing for your headset. Read on and enjoy.

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Pixar's first play with VR

Pixar and VR? Surely it's a match made in immersive heaven. Disney's animation studio this week released a trailer for Coco VR, its very first virtual reality short. It's set to launch alongside its latest film Coco, which is based on Mexico's Day of the Dead celebrations. As well as meeting characters from the film, a multiplayer element means you can also explore the Coco world with others too.


It's available to view for free on the Oculus Rift now and will be heading to the Gear VR in time for when the film lands next week in the US. Check out the launch trailer above. Fingers crossed there's a whole lot more of this to come from Pixar in the future.

HTC Vive gets Black Friday treatment

Yes, HTC is getting in on the deals action and has revealed that part of the Black Friday bargain hunting proceedings, it'll be bundling its Deluxe Audio Strap for free when you purchase a Vive. That deal starts from 24 November and runs through until the 27 November. There'll also be discounts on pre-paid Viveport subscription packages with more details revealed over on the HTC Vive blog.

Flirtar brings dating and AR together

Calling all singletons, you now have another app to help you find the one. Flirtar is a smartphone app that works by letting you pan your phone camera across a room whether that's in a bar or out at a gig and it'll help you identify other Flitar users. Your next move is to decide whether to engage in some virtual chat or go over and talk to them in person. It's available to download now for free for iPhones and Android phones.

Skyrim VR trailer reveals new details

Skyrim fans you might want to check this out. The open world game is getting the VR treatment and Bethesda released this new trailer to give a better sense of how the game will play out in the virtual realms. Skyrim VR is launching on the PlayStation VR on the 17 November and is expected to head to the HTC Vive in 2018.


Paramount Pictures is launching the first VR cinema

The major Hollywood Studio is working with the likes of Oculus, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft to launch the first VR movie theater. From 3 December, VR headset owners can sign up to bigscreenvr and watch Top Gun 3D. It'll recreate that moviegoing experience showing trailers before the film and you'll be sat with other virtual moviegoers you'll be able to chat with before the film starts. The showing of the Tom Cruise flick will be free to view for 24 hours if you want to see what's it's like to go to the movies without leaving the house.

Play this: Sparc

Like a cross between handball and dodgeball set in a futuristic world, CCP Games' virtual sports game Sparc has now arrived for the Rift and the Vive after debuting on the PSVR. The big deal here is the full-cross platform multiplayer support. That means PSVR and PC-powered VR headset owners can do battle with each other in the online realms. Sparc is available to download now from Steam and the Oculus Store for $19.99.

Watch this: Take a tour of the exoplanets

Now for something educational but still also awesome. The team at Engine House VFX in collaboration with the Bristol Science Centre and scientists at the University of Exeter have produced this VR experience that lets you visit six alien planets that exist beyond our solar system. It should work with most VR headsets including Cardboard if you want to give the simulation a spin.


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