Field of view: Oculus is back with its eSports VR League

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Field of view: The week in VR & AR
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Since we last Field of view'd, it's been a pretty busy week on the site. Not only did we hop across to the Croisette to report back from the virtual reality films and experiments at the Cannes Film Festival, but we also put the shiny, new Oculus Go up against the Samsung Gear VR to see how it compares. Plus we got our scare on to find out how VR horror is about to get much scarier.

We also found out that Qualcomm's upcoming wearable chip might bring eye tracking to AR glasses and Microsoft demo'd how HoloLens is making its way into the operating theatre.

Plus: we've got tickets to the Augmented World Expo to give away as well as the chance to win a VR body-tracking HoloSuit.

Aside from all that, see below for the rest of the VR and AR news this week alongside some recommendations on what to do inside your headgear.

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Oculus and ESL's VR league returns with big prizes

Oculus' eSports VR League is coming back for a Season 2 starting on 18 May. There's $220,000 in prize money and the games include Echo Arena, The Unspoken and Sprint Vector with Echo Combat (another multiplayer expansion to the popular Lone Echo/Echo Arena) coming later in 2018.

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The month long season will finish at Oculus Connect 5 in the autumn - where, Oculus notes, most of the prize money will be awarded. Until then, you can go to ESL Play to sign up. Last year 258 players competed in 98 teams playing Echo Arena and Oculus is looking to build on that this time around.

Field of view: Oculus is back with its eSports VR League

Ready Player One is getting people hot for VR

According to HTC, that is. HTC China's president Alvin Wang Graylin said that people who've seen the movie are more likely to want to buy a VR headset in the next 12 months than people who haven't.

"We believe that the movie will drive sales of VR headsets that require high-performance GPUs [graphics processing units] from chip-makers Nvidia and AMD," he said. We're sure Alv would suggest the HTC Vive Pro to anyone who leaves the cinema super jazzed.

Field of view:

Finalists revealed for Global AR app comp

Eight AR startups have been selected to compete for investment at the Augmented World Expo at the end of May (scroll up to win tickets). And there's some interesting pitches including ARWall - which ditches the phone or goggles - DeepAR's face tracking and Cortex Core's digital AR characters.


This AR app gives young cancer patients pep talks

And not just any pep talks either - chat and encouragement from animated 'imaginary friends' no less. Some are even based on drawings from kids with brain tumours who are on hospital wards, undergoing treatment or waiting for surgery, shots or radiation therapy.

The app was created by the agency RPA together with the Pediatric Brain Tumour Foundation in the US and is available to download from the Apple App Store. It joins 22 regular 2D animated films that were launched in 2017.


Watch this: Money music video

360 music videos continue to mess around with the form and this one, from New Zealand R'n'B singer Villette, made with Red Bull Music, is pretty trippy.

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As well as dream-like effects, it uses the first person view of a scantily clad woman writhing around, now associated with VR porn, to good effect - we see the view of her ex-boyfriend before she kicks in the screen with her high heel. Less keen on all the snake stuff.

Try this: Target's AR make-up studio

Field of view:

Beauty and AR going together makes a lot of sense - after all, make-up is overlaid on top of your face just like virtual effects. Target's new online try-on tool uses real time facial mapping tech to let you virtually try on lipsticks, foundations, blushes, mascaras, eyeshadows, eyelashes etc.

You can use your live webcam, upload a pic or choose a model that looks like you. Make-up fiends will have a blast whereas we got a bit overwhelmed by the number of lip gloss colours.

Head to the Target Beauty Studio page on mobile or desktop to give it a whirl.


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