Field of view: Magic Leap gets Angry Birds - this is our future

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Field of view: The week in VR and AR
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It's been smartwatch city on the site this week with our big Apple Watch Series 4 review going live but that means all the more VR and AR news for Field of view.

This is our weekly round-up of news, launches and recommendations across virtual, mixed and augmented reality. Starting with Magic Leap...

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Magic Leap gets that game, you know the one

Magic Leap One is real, you can buy it (for a lot of money) and now you can play Angry Birds on it. Specifically, the augmented reality version Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot from developers Rovio. Engadget tried a demo and say that you can play it on a table or the floor and that you can get real close to the pigs.

Field of view: Magic Leap gets Angry Birds - this is our future

That's not all, though - at the other end of the Magic Leap port spectrum is Luna: Moondust Garden. It's a port of the VR game Luna for Rift, Vive and PlayStation VR from developers Funomena and it's all delightful graphics and forest characters with gameplay that includes planting plants and collecting moondust. Adorable.

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Expect to hear more about Magic Leap apps and games at its L.E.A.P conference coming up on 10 October.

Field of view: Magic Leap gets Angry Birds - this is our future

Firefox Reality is a new VR browser

Mozilla's Firefox Reality browser, built from the ground up for mixed reality - that means everything here - is now available for Daydream, Oculus and Viveport.

Designed to let you navigate both the 2D and 3D web, Firefox Reality has voice support via your headset's microphone and a feed that'll show you WebVR content. Plus it's making a big deal about private browsing - Mozilla is well known to be an advocate for privacy and transparency on the internet which is super neat. More details on the Mozilla blog.

Walmart's training plan is Oculus Go

So US retail giant Walmart plans to put one million of its workers into 17,000 standalone Oculus Go headsets for training. That means nearly all of its 5,000 stores will be treated to the VR headsets from this November when the scheme begins. The training will include things like teaching employees and how to operate its Pickup Towers for online orders.

Field of view: Magic Leap gets Angry Birds - this is our future

Oxford VR gets £3m for NHS VR therapy

Oxford VR, a University of Oxford spinoff that makes VR therapy software used by the NHS, has just completed a £3 million funding round. Its first application focuses on phobia of heights - it's called Now I Can Do Heights and it's already being used as part of treatment plans in select NHS clinics after a trial.


Watch this: Russian Roulette in VR

I'm a long time fan of Russian Roulette (spectating, not playing) hence our recommendation to watch a comically obnoxious VR gamer challenge a fellow first person shooter to a round or two in virtual reality. That's gotta be one of the most intense things you can do in VR.

Skip to 10:55 in the YouTube video and make sure to keep watching a little longer after the game.

Also watch this: Lego Hogwarts

For fans of Lego, fans of Harry Potter and.. oh wait, that covers everyone. This is a short but sweet and swooping 360-degree tour of Hogwarts Castle, Lego style that takes in a potions class and the Chamber of Secrets and whatnot.

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