Field of view: Cystic fibrosis patients are being treated through virtual reality

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Field of view: The week in VR & AR
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Oh, there you are, back again for another edition of Field of view - our roundup of all the VR and AR happenings from the past seven days.


Among the madness of Black Friday, it's been another busy week in the alternate realities. Stateside, our US editor Hugh has been getting to grips with the Lenovo Explorer and revisiting the Oculus Rift, while over in the UK we've been checking out the Tate Modern's Modigliani VR exhibition and the IMAX VR experience centre. There's also been rumours that Apple bought AR headset startup Vrvana.

But for everything else that you may have missed, as well as some game and video recommendations, read on below.

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Treating cystic fibrosis patients with VR

Virtual reality is being used to help those suffering from cystic fibrosis with distraction therapy in hospitals, the BBC reports. The first trial of its kind in the UK is being carried out at Llandough Hospital in Vale of Glamorgan, with a virtual cycling experience being used to help patients exercise in the hospital room as part of their treatment. Like with many programmes of this kind, this experience is being provided through Samsung Gear VR.

Getting trippy with Google DeepDream

Using Google's open sourced DeepDream algorithm and a VR headset, researchers have been able to accurately recreate the effects of hallucinations, with the group, as TNW reports, essentially able to recreate the act of dropping an acid tab.


Developed by folks at the University of Sussex's Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, the 'Hallucination Machine', as it's being dubbed, turns videos of everday scenes into a a psychedelic experience.

Rez Infinite is now available for Daydream

Rez Infinite, still one of the best games out there for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, is set to land on Google Daydream View. Until now, the PS2 classic remake has only been available those with a tethered, high-end headset, though the announcement now means that owners of Daydream with a compatible smartphone can also join the fun. Users can download it for free, but it's worth noting that the full game will set you back $9.99.

 Field of view: The week in VR & AR

HaptX new gloves let you feel in VR

HaptX, the Seattle startup formerly known as AxonVR, has revealed its pair of haptic gloves that can help you feel the size, weight and temperature of objects in the virtual realm. According to GeekWire, the gloves are currently in the prototype stage after receiving more than $9 million since launching, though no specific date has yet been set for a launch.

Mixer is coming to Mixed Reality

With Windows Mixed Reality headsets now slowly rolling out, the company has announced its Mixer platform, which brings social interaction to gaming livestreams, will also be compatible with the devices.


This means that viewers following along with Minecraft, for example, will be able to not only interact in the channel's chat room, but also take advantage of the streamer's controls to affect gameplay. It's not yet clear how this will fit into the headset's gameplay, but we expect to see more developments to bring another branch to VR gaming.

Watch this: AR dogs are finally here

Things have been a little quiet on the AR front this week, but it's always good to check in on the fun developers are having with both Apple ARKit and Google's ARCore. And this week, we've seen a corgi dog being recreated in the latter's augmented realm - walking around, pissing on the floor and waiting for a door to slide open before venturing outside. You can take your industry applications and real-world uses for AR, we're here for the fake dogs.

Play this: Monsters of the Deep

The calm summer nights, the beverages cooling in the ice box, the declining hope of anything taking the bait - fishing is great, right? Well, just imagine that, but really, instead, just imagine a Final Fantasy version of fishing, in which you're actually luring ungodly, ravenous super-monsters and trying to catch and throw them back to hell through the power of a crossbow. What more could you want from your VR headset?


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