The VR horror games and films to check out for Halloween

Jump scare fans, eat your heart out
VR horror to check out for Halloween
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It's that time of year again to scare yourself silly while drowning in copious amounts of sugar: Halloween. With PlayStation VR joining the ranks of HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Gear VR, virtual reality is the obvious way to enjoy horror games and experiences.

While you take a break from traditional scary movies and handing out candy, check out our finds of the best VR horror games and films to try. We've also tried to keep the descriptions to a minimum so you can be entertained spoiler-free.

Best horror games to check out

Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin' Gallery

Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin' Gallery is a new haunted mine ride experience from Spectral Illusions that has you exploring an abandoned tourist attraction. You'll have to test your shot at the Shootin' Gallery and board the mine cart ride for a descent into hell. The 25 minute, fully immersive experience allows the player to alternately move freely and on the rails as well which should add to the scary gameplay.

$7.99 Steam

ALQOM: A Large Quantity of Mushrooms

Best VR horror games and films to watch this Halloween

From developers Raw Lion Workshop, this eerie puzzle adventure title has you in a dark, surreal world full of mysteries and inhabited by strange creatures. Explore and interact with the environment to discover the nature of this strange new reality, learn the story of its inhabitants and get immersed in the world of horror and beauty.

$9.99, Oculus Store

Face Your Fears

Best VR horror games and films to watch this Halloween

Face Your Fears exposes you to terrifying scenes based on common fears and phobias. For example, in Skyscraper, a player stands on the ledge of a skyscraper in the middle of a big city. and when looking down, a giant robot is climbing up towards you. In the Haunting, you experience the fear and excitement of a creaking house bringing you back to times when you were a scared little kid. Honestly, if that kid in the picture above doesn't send a chill down your spine, you're far tougher than we are.

Free, Oculus Store

Emily Wants To Play

Best VR horror games and films to watch this Halloween

In this game, you play as a pizza delivery person - who may or may not be delivering your last pie ever. Play by running around or simply doing nothing as you approach a boarded up, overgrown house in the pouring rain...near midnight. There's not much else to say except to play the game for yourself. The main image in this article - aka the clown from hell - is also from Emily Wants To Play.

$4.99, Steam (also supports Oculus Rift)

Affected: The Manor

Best VR horror games and films to watch this Halloween

This VR game is one of the most fun yet with its jump scares, you'll either really regret plopping on a headset to try it out or absolutely love it. The title's been around since the early days of rift DK2 as well so the creators have some experience scaring the crap out of you in VR.

$1.49, Oculus Store

Oculus horror games deal

For those who own an Oculus Rift, this Halloween weekend, you can snag the following games for a whopping 50-75% off. We've tried most of them and can say most, if not all, are worth checking out on Gear VR or Oculus Rift.

Dark Days - You must figure out what's going on with an eerie desert motel and its surroundings by solving a number of puzzles. Jump scares definitely included.

Dead Secret - This game mystery thriller has you asking one main question: Who killed Harris Bullard?

Best VR horror games and films to watch this Halloween

Boogeyman- Play this one with a flashlight and your screams. Seriously.

Albino Lullaby- Another mystery but this time, it's set in a Victorian town where you're trying to figure out where...and what you are.

Into the Dead- One word: move. Keep running to stay alive, gather items to help you stay alive and oh yes, zombies. Lots of zombies.

Best VR horror games and films to check out for Halloween

Euclidean- A horror puzzle game where you continue to descend deeper and deeper into madness.

Dreadhalls- This one's a classic by now and likely a title you already own. If not, have fun trying to find a way out of this dark dungeon.

Films & experiences


Best VR horror games and films to watch this Halloween

Invisible is a 5-part miniseries from Doug Liman, the guy who directed The Bourne Identity and is at the helm of this mystery thriller. Available on all the major headsets including Gear VR, Rift and Vive, this free series takes you on six minute experiences that include cliffhangers, crazy twists and more. It's not entirely in the horror genre but makes for good edge of your seat entertainment if you need a break from all the other scary goodies.

Easter bunny 360

This one's a whole lot of nope. Just from that mask alone in the thumbnail, we didn't really want to watch it. There's no description for the video but it's safe to say the 'film' is weird, surreal and leaves you hoping Easter won't come next year.

Free, Google Cardboard/any VR viewer

The Forest

This one's a little older but still worth checking out. Let's just say you may never want to go camping again. Or stay inside a tent. Ever.

Free, Google Cardboard/any VR viewer


Best VR horror games and films to watch this Halloween

Quiet, dark, bleak and full of tension, you're trying to figure out the source of a signal on an undiscovered asteroid through a droid. If the darkness doesn't get you, then the terrifyingly chaotic music will. Have fun in space...

$1.99, Oculus Store