Field of view: Best selling VR games of 2018 (so far) revealed by Valve

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Field of view: The week in VR & AR
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For the indoor lovers steering clear from the summer heat, we have our latest instalment of Field of view to give you the lowdown on everything that went down in the VR and AR realms this week.

Before we get into the news though, here's what else happened on the site. Hugh has been trying out DreamGlass, a headset designed to make AR more affordable. We looked at the smartglasses making waves right now and the ones that are on the way, plus we explored what we can expect from a second generation HoloLens.

Essential reading: Top VR games to play in 2018

You can read those later, though. First we're going to catch you up on the best of the rest of the news, plus give you our recommendations for a VR game you need in your life and video you need to watch. Like, now.

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These are the VR games that everyone is buying in 2018

Valve has revealed the games that are flying off the virtual shelves on Steam, breaking its best of 2018 down into platinum, gold, silver and bronze categories. In the platinum section, the likes of Arizona Sunshine, Job Simulator, Fallout 4 VR, Beat Saber and Superhot VR are, well, selling like hotcakes. Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-Ality and Space Pirate Trainer are among the games that went gold while Doom VFR and Star Trek Bridge Crew have gone silver. Unfortunately, these lists don't reveal any details on the number of sales, but you can check what's doing well here.

Magic Leap is going to demo its first AR goggles

Well, that's the hope anyway. Magic Leap, the AR startup that has become the masters of tease, has promised to show a demo of its One AR goggles and talk more about the hardware specs at its next Magic Leap Live session. The tweet shared from the outfit's Twitter page will be source of good news for anyone interested in what Magic Leap's tech can do. Especially when its first Live session didn't really reveal much at all. The next session is going to be hosted on Magic Leap's Twitch channel on 11 July at 11AM PT/7PM BST.

VR to help keep kids safe around train tracks

In another case of VR being used for good, a company in the UK has created two virtual training programs with the aim of educating children and offer training for workers to improve rail safety. One of the VR programs puts users into a scenario where they must safely cross a level crossing by following the right sequences. The other will help to make workers aware of the time needed to move out of the way when a train is approaching.

AR market will be worth $8 million by 2023

With Apple, Google and others now playing in the augmented reality space, it's only a matter of time that all things augmented really start to blow up. According to a report from the folks at MarketsandMarkets, the AR market will jump from $1.15 million in 2018 to $7.9 million in 2023. It points to retail as being the biggest driver for the technology, but it looks like advertising will play its part in helping to grow the world of AR too.

Vive Pro consumer kits come to UK (and it's expensive)

HTC's second VR headset launched a few months ago, but the full Vive Pro package with controllers and SteamVR 2.0 base stations was only available to enterprise customers. Now the consumer-friendly edition is finally starting to crop up in UK stores for pre-order and has been slapped with a £1,299 price tag. So you'll have to pay a whole lot of money to enjoy that higher resolution display and integrated headphones.

McLaren teams up with HTC Vive for eSport series

The Formula One team is launching a new eSports series called Shadow Project where surprise, surprise, it's all about driving games. Along with driving simulator games and smartphone titles like Real Racing 3, McLaren is working with the Vive team with hopes to bring in some VR driving challenges into the competition too.

Play this: Moss

The PlayStation VR game was ported to the Vive and Oculus Rift recently and with Vive's summer sale in full swing, you can actually get it for a free if you sign up for a Viveport subscription. Even if you don't want to pay out for Viveport though, it's still worth spending some money to play through this gorgeous puzzler on one of those PC-powered headsets. You can download it now from Steam for $29.99.

Watch this: Metallica - Sad But True

We're going to round off this week with some metal. Metallica has uploaded a video from one of its recent live performances in Stockholm performing the song Sad But True and it's been given the 360-degree video treatment. So you can grab a VR headset (budget or better) and nod your head in appreciation from all angles.

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