Field of view: Angry Birds is going VR in 2019

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Field of view: The week in VR and AR
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Welcome to our final instalment of Field of view in 2018. Don't worry, this is still the only place to catch up on the week's big VR and AR news.

This week, we're talking live streaming music gigs in VR, a big Google Daydream development, some Magic Leap One news and the return of a VR Black Friday deal just in time for Christmas. Plus, we pick out a brilliant VR film short and game you need to get on your download list.

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Remember, you can check out the rest of this week's big stories over in our dedicated news section. So, let's get into it.

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Angry Birds is getting the VR treatment

Yes, Angry Birds is still a thing and in 2019 the game you can play on your phone, tablet and even your TV can will be playable on VR headsets. Angry Birds VR Isle of Pigs is set to launch in early 2019 on major VR platforms. There's not a lot of details on what we can expect in terms of gameplay, but we think it's safe to say Resolution Games and Rovio will let us get a little closer to feeling what it's like to fly like a bird hurtling towards one of those green piggies.

MelodyVR does live music gigs for the first time

The UK-based VR startup that has previously focused on producing immersive non-live VR experiences, successfully livestreamed its first live show in virtual reality. Former One Directioner Liam Payne and his show at Koko in London was simultaneously broadcast around the world in real time with users able to don an Oculus Go or a Samsung Gear VR headset to enjoy the show. If you missed the live VR show, it's going to be added to MelodyVR's already extensive collection of VR performances.

Google Daydream 6DOF controllers shown off

A few months ago, Google revealed it was developing a set of 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) controllers compatible with the Daydream-powered Lenovo Mirage Solo to improve the immersive experience on the standalone VR headset. The experimental accessory has been landing into the hands of VR devs and now we have our first videos of the controllers in action. It sounds like they're making a good impression and hopefully it won't be too long before everyone can get hold of them.

Magic Leap One prescription inserts now available

When the Magic Leap's AR hardware launched earlier this year, it shipped with a glasses frame insert in the box. Now owners can pick up official prescription inserts, and surprise, surprise, they're not going to be cheap. Frames Direct are now offering the inserts for $250. You will obviously need a valid prescription and once you get them it should be nice and easy to swap out the ones that were bundled with the One for your better optimised inserts.

Oculus Go gets some deals love

The award-winning standalone VR headset is getting the same price cut treatment as it did during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The 32GB version of the Go has dropped to $179 (down from $199) making one of the best VR headsets to buy right now, even more appealing. If you want more storage to play with, the 64GB version has dropped to $350, which is still a great price.

Oculus Go
Oculus Go

Watch this - Dear Angelica

The Emmy nominated VR film produced by Oculus Story Studio (which was closed in 2017) has landed on the Oculus Go. Dear Angelica tells the story of a teenage girl, Jessica, looking back and exploring memories of her actress mother before she died.It lets viewers live inside a painting with the charming illustrations that you can see in the video above actually created in VR using the Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch controllers as next-gen paintbrushes. It's a stunningly beautiful example of how good VR storytelling can be. If you haven't seen it yet, go make it happen.


Play this: Counter Fight 3

It's a VR game about making pizza. What else do we need to say? Okay, we will tell you more. Your challenge should you choose to expect is to serve customers pizza, pasta but also fend off armed robbers and the undead from stealing your profits. Think Job Simulator but in a fast food restaurant. It's available on Steam now for Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets now if you want to test out your skills to be the world's best pizza store.

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