ZTE Venus G1 and S2 sports watches unveiled alongside Withings Activité rival

MWC 2015: Trio of new Chinese wearables on show in Barcelona
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Chinese smartwatches may have been getting some bad press thanks to the plethora of Android Wear and Apple Watch knockoffs, but the Huawei Watch injected some quality and ZTE's got a fairly decent looking trio on show at MWC too.

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The ZTE Venus range incorporates the GPS-packing Venus G1 running watch, the Venus S2 fitness tracking sports watch and the quite brilliantly named ZTE Venus Business Intelligence Watch, which is a Withings Activité style tracker.

ZTE Venus Business Intelligence Watch


We'll start with the latter because it's the most interesting. It's a regular looking wristwatch, which comes in a range of colours, that has 1o to 100 markers at the bottom to indicate progression towards your daily step goal. These markers are analogue, as are the Bluetooth and sleep tracking icons below them.

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The ZTE VBIW syncs with a smartphone app - iOS or Android - and you get the usual step, calories and sleep stats. The ZTE rep demoing the device at MWC told us that the sleep functionality kicks in automatically - there's no need to manually set a mode before you nod off.

ZTE Venus G1 and S2


The Venus G1 is a GPS running watch that has the usual stats like pace, splits and distance on board and has an 8-hour GPS battery life, which should be enough for even the slowest of marathons.

It's waterproof to 50m, as is its non-GPS brethren the ZTE Venus S2.

The S2 is essentially a fitness tracker in a running watch's body (a somewhat cheap and plasticy body it has to be said). It can record steps and calories and utilises the same app as the VBIW.

It's got a whopping 180 day battery life we're told, and you can set up to four "motivation reminders" on it.

All three ZTE wearables are due out in Q2 2015. There's no price details and no word on whether they'll launch outside of China.


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