​Polar goes pro with TrainingPeaks partnership

Another app tie-in for sports wearables

Polar has paired up with TrainingPeaks, the performance stats service used by Tour de France teams.

Polar has updated its M400 and V800 sports watches, as well as M450 and V650 cycling devices, to report into the app for people to analyse their workouts and training sessions.

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TrainingPeaks enables athletes to break down their workout data, and focus and plan training sessions around their data. For those whose needs go beyond the basic reporting from the likes of Polar Flow, TrainingPeaks is the next step of data analysis.

"This seamless integration allows the most convenient data transfer from Polar devices" says Dirk Friel, co-founder of TrainingPeaks. "Our mission is to help athletes and coaches achieve their goals and we are excited to help Polar users take their training to the next level."

So why is this important? Well it's another piece of a building picture of sports tech interoperability where hardware makers are starting to embrace dedicated training apps and services. Elsewhere, Mio joined forces with Pear Sports this week, and Strava is increasingly bringing live segments to Garmin products.


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