Nakeid is bundling Xiaomi Mi Band trackers with its sports clothing range

This new female focused startup is designing with wearables in mind
Mi Band bundled with Nakeid sportswear
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Nakeid, a new London-based sportswear brand for women, is hoping that bundled Xiaomi Mi Band fitness trackers will entice customers.


The line of mesh shorts, crop tops and chevron jerseys is aimed at cyclists and triathletes and some of the pieces, such as the shorts, feature a small pocket to house the tracker module. Customers can choose to add a Mi Band to their order for an extra £10 then use it with the Mi app as usual.

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Nakeid (pronounced 'naked') also shows its models using the Mi Band (usually $15 as a wrist based tracker with an orange silicone band to match the grey, orange and fuchsia colour scheme.


Now, the Mi Band tracks steps, distance and estimated calories burned but as Elena Gromova, Nakeid's managing director, told us, the Xiaomi tracker doesn't track metrics such as distance for cyclists or average cycling speed.

"We are currently developing our own software and hardware, but in the meantime, using the Xiaomi Mi Band," she said. "It will be ready in about half a year. We didn't want to build it into the clothing itself because then you wouldn't be able to wash it."


Nakeid's website teases various features which suggest that as well as the cycling specific features that Gromova would like to implement in her own tracker, such as ascending and descending speed, she is thinking bigger.

The features listed on the site include: predicting heart and health conditions, cognitive thinking and training programs, tracking kids and the elderly. So it seems Gromova wants to build Nakeid into a wearable tech and sportswear brand. The range is on sale now, at Nakeid's online store, ranging from £20 up to £65.

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