The week in wearable tech

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The week in wearable tech

Everyone is giving the game away ahead of IFA this week with a surprise Sony announcement and more Gear S2 teasing from Samsung as well as new pics of both Blocks and Fossil smartwatches.

Here's all the news that's fit to wear this week.

Sony SmartBand 2 is official

With an optical heart rate monitor and smarter fitness, sleep and stress insights, the €119 SmartBand 2 picks up where Sony's first fitness band left off. Everything syncs up to Sony's Lifelog app and the band, which is IP68 waterproof, and will come in four colours, has a two day battery life. A real rival to the Fitbit Charge HR? We shall see.

Here's our guide to choosing the best fitness tracker on the market right now and once you've made your decision, try out our guide to running with wearable tech, check out Fitbit's new workout insights platform and hear out our fitness expert Kieran Alger on whether or not heart rate zone training really gets results.

This is Fossil's first smartwatch

This Fossil Android Wear smartwatch, which made a blink and you'll miss it debut at Intel's Developer Forum this week, could be big news for fashion fans getting into wearable tech.

Sure it looks as chunky as a Moto 360 - complete with a flat tire too, but the collaboration between Fossil, Intel and Google could make waves when it launches later in 2015. Fossil is also working on smarter, connected wristwatches which don't use an LCD, and smart jewellery pieces.

If a Fossil smartwatch appeal, don't miss our updated look at stylish, fashion-friendly wearables that are more chic than geek. The Moto 360 2 should land soon too but Fossil could have more competition from Tag's first luxury smartwatch, the Carrera Wearable 01, due to launch in November.

Android Wear now speaks the local lingo

A couple of big Android Wear updates went live this week - Google Translate dropped bringing bilingual conversations at the flick of a wrist to Wear users. The total number of supported languages is 44 and more will no doubt be added to the automatic feature in the new software update.

Also this week, we got the roll out of interactive watch faces which can show additional info like weather or launch specific apps. Enjoy.

While you're waiting for the update to appear, why not read our look at one of the Holy Grails of wearable tech development - the race to build self-powered wearables. Plus don't miss our updated edit of the world's most hotly anticipated wearables - there's some Android wear gear on the list.

Wove Band is the first flexible display wearable

This high-tech snap bracelet, Wove Band made by Polymera, uses digital fabric that can roll into a ball with a flexible E Ink display. Though it's not exactly a looker right now, it's on track for a 2016 release and should be the first flexible device to actually go on sale.

Elsewhere in wearable tech firsts, Google announced a Wi-Fi router, OnHub, which could be our smart home hub as soon as next year, Intel revealed details of its wearable and connected tech reality TV show slated for the first half of 2016 and Razer showed off its VR RealSense camera which tracks motion and can scan real world objects and place them in virtual environments.

Crowdfund this

Designed to keep cyclists connected, safe and entertained, Livall's Kickstarter campaign has already raced past its $20,000 target. A 3-axis sensor can fire up an SOS alert, there's hands free calls, a built-in MP3 player and a nano cadence sensor too.

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