What I'm Wearing: Garmin Fenix 5 Plus

Garmin and Mobvoi are under the spotlight this week
What we're wearing this week
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You know what time it is: What I'm Wearing is back with a vengeance, showing you the wearables on our wrists right now. This very moment.

We get a lot of wearables and accessories (well, we wouldn't be great at our job if we didn't, right?). So we run this column every fortnight to show off what we're rocking.

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We're always on the lookout for more, so if you've got some suggestions for us send them our way at editors@wareable.com. You may just see them here in the future.

Hugh is wearing the Garmin Fenix 5 Plus with orange strap

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and wearables on our wrists right now

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and wearables on our wrists right now

Having put the Garmin Fenix 5X Plus and 5S Plus to the test, it's now time for the middle brother to shine. This doesn't have the pulse ox acclimation sensor of the chunkier 5X Plus, but it does get onboard music storage and Garmin Pay – features lacking in the Plus-less Fenix 5. Oh, there are full-colour routable topographic maps now too – that's pretty cool.

But to look at it, you wouldn't really know this is an upgrade on the regular Fenix 5. I currently have it paired with a "solar flare" orange band, casting aside any doubts in the minds of onlookers that I'm serious about the outdoors. I'm deadly serious. I'm orange serious.

At 47mm it's still a big watch. The 42mm 5S is a more agreeable size, and even that could hardly be accused of being dainty. I've worn this one to sleep on a couple of nights to try out Garmin's improved sleep tracking, but it's not really comfortable enough for bed wear. Look out for a full review later this week.

Husain is wearing Ticwatch Pro with Retro Roman watch face

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and wearables on our wrists right now

What I'm Wearing: The accessories and wearables on our wrists right now

Ah, it's summer. Flowers are in full bloom, looking their most beautiful. Hence, I've been in the mood for some flowery watch faces. Unfortunately, unless I go with a straight photo, that's not as easy to do on something like the Apple Watch. Thankfully, Wear OS has a bit more variety.

Right now I'm wearing the Ticwatch Pro. It's a fine watch, and it's got this dual personality thing where it wants to be ready for both sports and nights out (it's got both a heart rate sensor and GPS).

The watch face I've got here is Retro Roman with Blue Roses. It's a pretty watch face that doesn't do much other than look nice, but it does that really, really well. It almost reminds me of old school animated movies, like the old Disney classics. You can find the Retro Roman on the Facer store if you'd like to add some flowery fun to your wrist.

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  • briwil·

    No way, I have the 5 Plus on me now and it's totally wearable at night, I wear it every night. Someone here is a little too sensitive I think.