What I’m Wearing: The wearables on our wrists this week

An innovative hybrid and an unnerving watch face make the cut this week
What we’re wearing this week
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You guessed it, we're back again to show you what the Wareable team is currently wearing – on their wrists, that is.

In this new feature, we're running through the smartwatches, fitness trackers and various other wearables making their way onto our wrists during the week. Some are part of wider reviews, some are accessories we're trying out, and some are watch faces we can't stop staring at.

But, as ever, we're open to more. If you think there's an accessory, watch face or wearable that we should check out, drop us a line at If it passes our lofty standards, it could show up in a future edition of What I'm Wearing.

Hugh is wearing the Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture

What I'm Wearing: The wearables on our wrists this week

This week I've been wearing the new Frederique Constant Hybrid Manufacture, a watch so fine I'd happily make it mine – but I'm actually in the midst of reviewing it. What makes this hybrid so unique is that it combines a mechanical movement with smartwatch features, giving people the best of both worlds. Well, to be more accurate: the best of Swiss watchmaking and some of the good bits of smartwatches. There's no screen, after all, and almost all of the smarts are centred on fitness; you won't get notifications buzzing on your wrist.

What I'm Wearing: The wearables on our wrists this week


But my favourite thing about this smartwatch is that you can see the health of the mechanical movement in the app, which displays the rate, amplitude and beat error – the kind of information usually only seen by watchmakers. It's super nerdy and I love it.

I'm also wearing it with a black alligator strap, nothing suggesting that there's anything "smart" going on behind the scenes. It's a hybrid for the classic watch lover; a smartwatch for smartwatch haters. And it looks beautiful. "There goes Mr Fashion Man," they'll say admiringly as I walk down the street. They wouldn't be wrong.

Conor is wearing the Apple Watch with a Mark Zuckerberg watch face

What I'm Wearing: The wearables on our wrists this week

In last week's edition of What I'm Wearing, US editor Hugh was rocking the iconic Shia LeBeouf 'Do it' watch face on the Fitbit Versa – and it got me thinking. What other figures would work well behind the watch face, living in a bizarro glass case of emotion?

Sure, you could pick a quote-unquote popular figure or an inspirational star, but you could also have Mark Zuckerberg. Now, stick with me here, because there's some logic attached to this decision to continually haunt myself.

Guide: How to make a watch face on the Apple Watch

As you can see above, the Zuckman is giving you his quintessential, Mona Lisa-like grin; one that's particularly effective at reminding you that pretty much every move you make is being logged. Granted, it's hard to forget this with the whole Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal currently in the news cycle, but, eventually, time will cast a shadow on the story.

With this watch face, though, you'll never forget. Ever.

What I'm Wearing: The wearables on our wrists this week

As a side note, this particular photo also has a deeper value in the kaleidoscope variation. Zuckerberg's multiple eyes, of course, playing into the whole omniscient narrative here.

For those interested in the strap, that's Apple's own Midnight Blue Leather Loop. Not only does it bounce off the Facebook supremo's shirt nicely, but it also feels classy on the wrist and is easy to adjust. A real win-win.

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