What I'm Wearing: Spring is here

Two stylish Wear smartwatches and a colourful Apple Watch band make the cut
What we're wearing this week
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Gather round, readers, it's time for another edition of What I'm Wearing – the place where we show off the smartwatches and accessories on the Wareable team's wrists this week.

It's a bumper week, as we're sporting two Wear smartwatches and bringing in the spring with one of Apple's new bands for the season.

Want to get involved? Well, if you think there's an accessory, watch face or device that we should check out, drop us a line at Maybe you'll get lucky and see it in a future edition of What I'm Wearing.

Conor is wearing the Guess Connect with blue textured silicon strap

What I'm Wearing: The watches and accessories on our wrists

We've waited a pretty long time to get our hands on the Guess Connect, after first laying our eyes on it at Baselworld 2017 (shout out to Watch Shop for sending this one across). And while I'm not willing to go out on a limb just yet and say it was worth the wait – stay tuned for the full verdict later this week – this is certainly one of the more striking Wear smartwatches on the market.

Guess and its off-shoot, Gc Watches, have touchscreen models for both men and women, though this blue and gold number is the unisex option. And while I think it's a little on the large side for those with smaller wrists, it does offer a look that I think both men and women can pull off; no easy feat in the world of designer smartwatches.

Sure, the gold bezel means it's a little flashy, but coupled with the comfortable textured silicon band, this is one I think I'll continue to reach for even after testing is complete.

Mike is wearing the Fossil Q Control

What I'm Wearing: The watches and accessories on our wrists

This week (and next) I will be mostly wearing Fossil's sportiest smartwatch, which is essentially the Misfit Vapor under a different name. It has all the same features, including a heart rate monitor, and it tracks swimming using MySwimPro's Wear app.

From the front, it looks identical to the Vapor. It has a similar sized bezel around that circular touchscreen and while it's technically thicker than the Vapor, it certainly doesn't feel it. In fact, it feels slimmer on my wrist and that really makes a difference to how it looks.

It's no surprise to see that it's rocking a silicone band, which is fine with me as I expect to be spending some time swimming with it and seeing whether it does a significantly better job in the pool than the Vapor did. But it's also easy enough to swap in a brighter, more eye-catching band if you want. There are only three of Fossil's own watch faces on there, but I'm definitely a fan of the sport analogue and colour blend options.

It would have been nice to have given the rose gold option a try, too, but the gunmetal coloured casing, in combination with the black watch band, gives it the kind of low profile that I think a lot of people will appreciate.


Hugh is wearing the Apple Watch with blue stripe woven nylon band

What I'm Wearing: The watches and accessories on our wrists

What I'm Wearing: The watches and accessories on our wrists

This week, I've been been soaking in the scenic vistas of Yosemite, and the flowing waterfalls are a sign that spring has sprung – so how better to celebrate than by rocking one of the new spring 2018 bands for the Apple Watch?

I'm wearing the woven nylon blue stripe band, and while it might not have been the wisest choice for those sweaty, sweaty hikes, you can't argue that I don't look great doing it. I also prefer the silver aluminum Apple Watch over the other colours, and this one suits perfectly.

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