Timeline software is coming to the original Pebble and Pebble Steel this summer

Don't want a colour display or mic? Stick with your Pebble for new software

Timeline, Pebble's new software, which organises all your alerts, alarms, reminders, news, apps and messages into chronological order for you to keep track of, is coming to Pebble's previous smartwatches in the summer.

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky, speaking to Wareable at MWC said: "Timeline UI will be coming to the Pebble and Pebble Steel a couple of months after the Time comes out in May. We're supporting the people who supported us."

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The new software is an update to Pebble's custom smartwatch OS. It seems to be Pebble's attempt to take on Android Wear's useful but flawed Cards system.

The Holy Grail is serving up the most useful information on the smartwatch screen at any time but no-one has cracked it yet. We've yet to fully see how the Apple Watch will tackle this problem.

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  • Jinchuuriiki·

    So summer is barely over, where is it?

  • SteveC·

    Is the timeline features till coming to the original Pebble Steel? He trees are starting to turn which means autumn is on its way. Please don't neglect the original Pebble owners. 

  • Giogio·

    Hey Pebble,  still waiting.. I bought a Pebble Steel knowing about the timeline update,  so keep us updated!  

  • ssaasn·

    When will original pebble be updated with timeline.   Hopefully before holidays.

  • Derbydx·

    Please don't forget our pebble classic

  • Farihin·

    timeline is over rated. No one uses it.

  • rastaman61·

    Please let us know if and so, when the timeline software available for the Pebble steel

  • Cyberjunky·

    First off the Pebble devices are not fully compatible with Apple IOS devices. They crash often on the Apple IOS 9.X.X software. The device goes into SOS mode (recovery mode) every few weeks (6-8 weeks). The pebble devices have more updates than any IOS devise I have ever owned. In 4 moths the device required 5 updates, in my opinion that is a little excessive. The apps are clunky and the majority of apps require add on apps to run in the background which in some cases can cost quite a bit on the app store. There are some apps that will not work even with the add on apps. A device that costs around $299.00 (Pebble Time F90A) that keeps crashing with clunky apps, no touch screen and 0 support. I would not consider that an investment.

    Anyone thinking of smartwatch should look at all the options available to them, the Apple smartwatch prices have come down quite a bit and for an extra $100.00 ($399.00) you could be the proud owner of a IOS smart watch with touch screen and a whole lot of better options and features. Samsung has their own version of a smart watch which works a lot better than the 3de party clunky app Pebble watches.