Ticwatch 2 hits Kickstarter with some heavy early-bird discounts

Eye-popping screen, GPS and heart rate tracking all on board
Ticwatch 2 hits Kickstarter

Mobvoi - a Chinese AI and smartwatch company part owned by Google - has launched the Ticwatch 2 smartwatch via Kickstarter.

As we reported earlier this month, the Ticwatch 2 is jammed with tech, boasting a 1.4-inch always on AMOLED screen at a whopping 400 x 400 resolution. It blends touchscreen and the Tickle strip, a touch enables users to control the watch by swiping on the bezel, much like the Samsung Gear S2. In addition there's built-in GPS a dual LED optical heart rate sensor as well.

First look: Ticwatch 2 review

The original Chinese TicWatch 2 allowed for 3G connectivity for users to make and take phone calls, send/receive messages and use functions like voice search without a smartphone nearby. While the eSIM technology is still inside the Ticwatch 2 Global Edition, there's no partners on board, which means it's not flying the flag for untethered smartwatches.

The watch was designed by Scandinavian, SF based designer Miko Nenonen (Nest, Nokia) and comes in aluminium or stainless steel bodies with an option of silicone, Italian leather or stainless steel straps and sapphire crystal on the displays of the pricier models.

Ticpay and Ticwear

The watch runs Ticwear 4.0 and is aiming to make the most out of Mobvoi's voice capabilities. Users can now have basic conversations with its voice engine so as with Google Voice on smartphones and browsers, you could ask 'what's the weather?' and then 'how about tomorrow?' and the Ticwatch would fill in the gaps. Of course this will only work in certain contexts but it's still a great step forward for wearable tech interaction.

Mobvoi's software is already used in place of Google's voice and search services in China on Android Wear devices. So it makes sense that it's pushing its expertise in its own products too. There's also a Mobvoi store for apps.

We previously reported that smartwatch payments were headed to the Ticwatch 2 "in the near future", as Mobvoi also announced that it is developing its NFC Ticpay service with OT and China UnionPay. There's no world on that yet, but we will be catching up with Zhifei Li, Mobvoi founder and CEO soon.

The Ticwatch 2 has already met its Kickstarter goal. There's a host of limited time early-bird deals on offer, but the full price of the watch is set to be $199.

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  • Lino says:

    vorrei sapere quando sarà disponibile il ticwatch 2 per il mercato italiano.e si quale sito si potrà comprare

  • mark94066 says:

    The kickstarter for this new watch ends in 1 week.

    Still good deals available...  www.tinyul.com/Ticwatch2-Kickstart

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