The HTC Watch is the rumour that won’t die

Just when we thought it was dead, reports suggest HTC’s smartwatch is on the way
The HTC Watch is the rumour that won’t die

HTC is still hard at work creating its own smartwatch, despite revelations earlier in the month that it had canned the project.

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A report by Cnet quotes people “familiar with the matter” as saying the HTC Watch was still under development, and that it would be expected in 2015 – putting it head-to-head with the release of the Apple Watch.

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The site also speculates that HTC could fork Android Wear. This is the really interesting part of the HTC rumour piece, as none of the current crop of Android Wear devices have deviated from the vanilla Google experience.

It's really important to remember at this stage that everything is hearsay; check our Apple rumours debunking guide for how many of those rumours turned out to be true. Spoiler: not many.

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HTC made its name in the early days of the Android phone revolution by customising the experience with its own Sense software. There’s potential to repeat that trick here, with no real success story in the smartwatch market as yet.

Of course, HTC’s focus over the last two years has been design, although that has done it little favours making a dent in Samsung and Apple’s smartphone domination. Here's hoping for an equally gorgeous looking watch.

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