Spotify lands on Android Wear but don't get too excited

More integration is great, but give us offline playlists already

At last, the news music-loving Android Wear users have been craving. The Spotify Android Wear app is now available on Google Play.

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Users can now gets album cards on their wrist showing artwork as well the skip and pause features you'd expect. You can also dive into playlists and album information on your smartwatch as well.

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However, Spotify lovers might be a little disappointed by the lack of features.

Firstly, Spotify doesn't appear in the Android Wear app drawer, which means you'll still need to fire music up on your smartphone first. What's more, while you can browse the artist and album information, you can't actually select tracks to play on your smartwatch.

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That's fine for when you're listening to a long playlist, but it still means reaching into your pocket regularly. It also doesn't address our biggest wish: offline tracks synced onto the watch itself so we can go for a run without our phone. Come on guys, this dream isn't that hard to realise. We can do this thing!

The new Spotify app is available from Google Play now.

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