Razer Nabu Watch is a dual screen smartwatch with year-long battery life

CES 2016: Razer joins the smartwatch party and it's doing things a little differently
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Razer has announced the Nabu Watch at CES 2016, its first ever smartwatch that comes with two designs and, more interestingly, has two screens.

It's an idea that Razer played around with for early prototypes of its Nabu smart band and now its building the idea into a digital Chronograph-style smartwatch.

At the heart of the 5ATM water resistant and shock resistant (up to 5m) watch is an illuminated backlit display. This takes care of some pretty standard features like setting alarms, using it as a stopwatch, viewing world time and using the automatic phone sync feature. This basically uses Bluetooth to make sure the time is as accurate as it possibly can be all the time.

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Below that sits the second OLED screen, which is activated by raising your wrist and is where you can explores its smart features. You can preview phone notifications like texts and calls. It'll also display activity and sleep tracking data thanks to a built-in accelerometer. All of the data can be reviewed in the Nabu Watch companion Android or iOS app.

If you manage to do what sounds like the impossible and come across someone who owns a Razer Nabu Watch or one of the Nabu bands, you can exchange Facebook and Twitter contacts simply by shaking hands.

When it comes to battery life, here's where things get interesting. The main display is powered by the kind of coin cell battery you find in most watches giving you twelve months of power. The secondary screen however will last seven days and is charged by proprietary USB cable.

The Razer Nabu Watch is going to be available in two models. The standard edition comes with a polycarbonate body and costs $149.99. That's arriving later this month. The pricier Forged Edition, which comes with stainless steel buttons and a black finish can be picked up right now from the Razer Store website for $199.99.

Razer Nabu Watch is a dual screen smartwatch with year-long battery life

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