Patch is a $60 smartwatch in a strap with a three month battery life

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Patch is a $60 smartwatch in a strap
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It's getting cheaper to add some smarts to traditional, dumb watches. The latest smart strap accessory comes in the form of Patch on Kickstarter.

Patch is a series of connected straps which cost $48 for the nylon bands and $62 for the leather options at early bird prices. Once those are gone, the prices rise to $63 and $77. Each strap brings basic activity tracking and vibrations for reminders and sedentary alerts as well as wrist gestures to end calls and whatnot.

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It's powered by a coin cell battery which Patch says is good for three months - you'll have to buy a bunch to switch them out, though.

There's a small range of styles - brown calf leather, black alligator leather as well as five graphic styles on the nylon including, er a Christmas design. Also you can choose from 18, 20, 22 and 24mm versions. If Patch passes its $50,000 target (and it's already just shy of halfway), the straps are due to ship in June 2017.

Also worth checking out (if you have a bit more cash) is the $139 Sgnl strap, which adds discreet bone conduction calls, and Chronos which is a $99 disc you attach underneath the watch body rather than a strap.

Patch is a $50 smartwatch in a strap with a three month battery life

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