​OnePlus Watch could have two versions – and land in India first

Long-awaited smartwatch edges closer to launch
​OnePlus Watch could have two versions
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The forthcoming OnePlus smartwatch has shown up at regulators, and it looks like there could be two versions.

The OnePlus Watch has passed through the BIS, which is the Indian regulator, with two model numbers: the W501GB and W301GB.

That was spotted by the Stuff Listings Twitter account.

There are no specs or other details to sate our appetite, and it’s not clear what these two version numbers refer to.

The chances are that we might see two OnePlus Watch sizes, like we have with the Apple Watch. This could mean there could be a more unisex offering from OnePlus.

There are also chances it could have an LTE version.

The OnePlus Watch has been rumored since 2014, but late in 2020 its CEO Pete Lau confirmed the company was working on a smartwatch.

He also confirmed that the company was working closely with Google to improve its smartwatch OS, but the company moved to quash speculation that Wear OS was confirmed for the OnePlus Watch.

However, it seems odds on that the OnePlus Watch will come running on the platform.

So when will we see it? The fact that certification has been spotted in India first could mean that’s the first market OnePlus will test, and then roll out globally later.

We’ll keep watching for further updates, so as ever, watch this space.