Moto Maker for Moto 360 goes live

Motorola brings the personalisation fight to Apple

We were hoping for a slimmed down, beefed up Moto 360 at MWC but it looks like Motorola is focusing on offering more customisation for the first model. Moto Maker for Moto 360 has just gone live, offering a plethora of personalisation options for the original circular Android Wear smartwatch.

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Previously exclusive for its flagship Moto X smartphone, Moto Maker allows users to personalise their device as they buy it.

Three colours are available for the Moto 360 - black, silver and champagne gold - and eight watch straps, leather and metal, with two sizes. You can also choose the watchface (out of a choice of eleven) that you want when the smartwatch first starts up, though further software customisation of Android Wear is out of the question.

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Moto execs say this is "just the beginning" for personalising the Moto 360. We can't help wondering, though, if a bigger presence in physical stores might be more useful so that potential customers can try on the watches, feel the texture of the straps or the weight of the metal. That's something Apple is clearly working towards and is bound to win over first time wearable buyers.

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