Martian Voice Communicator smartwatch breaks cover

A watch for people that don't need all of the smarts
New Martian smartwatch revealed

A new Martian smartwatch has sneaked into the limelight after being unveiled on TechCrunch.

Dubbed the Martian Voice Command, few details have arisen about the as-yet-unreleased device, but the case looks to be smaller than current models of the company's line-up of voice powered smartwatch.

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It seems that the $299 device uses the existing notification system, utilising a ticker that displays short messages using a tiny OLED screen in the bottom third of the watch face.

Similar to the company's Voice Command and Notifier models, this watch uses a small speaker and microphone to allows you to make and receive phone calls and use voice commands to control certain features of your smartwatch. There isn't an app menu or even a touch screen. It looks and acts like a watch, but provides a few useful features.

Although it doesn't do much in the way of smarts, it has a design that will appeal to watch wearers that favour form over function. Martian is gaining in popularity for offering consumers a smartwatch with a fashionable design. Last year it signed up to a collaboration with Guess and essentially built the blingy Guess Connect.

The Voice Communicator doesn't appear to be available for sale yet. However, we will bring you more information when we get it.

Image credit: TechCrunch

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