​Lenovo shows off mad 'Magic View' smartwatch concept

Looking into your watch like a wearable periscope is the future

Lenovo has been showing off a host of new tech over at its annual conference in Shanghai, and the talk of the show has been its idea for a dual screen smartwatch.

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From a casual glance, it may look like a first generation Moto 360 but there's a second screen at the side, which you put up to your eye, for a private view.

Yes, you read that correctly. You put the second screen up to your eye, and using mysterious light and optical refractions, Lenovo is able to give the illusion of a 20-inch screen in front of your eyes.

You really need to watch the video to get a full flavour for it.

The feature is called "Magic View", and the company believes it will be used for looking at maps, pictures, videos and private messages you don't want to appear on the main screen.

It works a little like a periscope, and while we applaud any effort to make smartwatches more usable – you won't find anyone of Wareable looking into their smartwatch like a tiny wearable telescope any time soon.

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