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The Huawei Watch 2 is available for just £149 through Amazon Prime Day

The Wear OS smartwatch gets a price cut

You like smartwatches, you like Amazon Prime Day, and now the two have merged in a glorious ceremony to bring you a deal to end all deals.

That's right, reader, the Huawei Watch 2 is now available for the cut price of £149.99 - down from a whopping £279. This puts it almost 50% off, and is by far the cheapest the Wear smartwatch has been sold since launching last February.

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As you may already know, though, there's more than one variation of the second generation smartwatch to think about here, and all have received similarly whopping discounts. The standard Sport model is the device we've talked about above, available for £149.99, though the 4G upgrade is also available for £182.99 - down from £319.99 and representing a saving off 43%.

If you don't fancy the sporty look of the standard Watch 2, you can also take a look at the reduced Classic model. While generally available for around £359, the Prime Day bonanza puts the top-end version of the smartwatch at a heady £207.

The Classic model features a leather strap, as opposed to the silicon strap of the Sport, while both feature continuous heart rate monitoring, GPS and NFC support for contactless payments.

As we say, this is one of the more eye-catching deals available for those in the UK through Prime Day. You will, naturally, have to be a Prime subscriber in order to take advantage, but considering the saving you'll be making, you'll have enough to subscribe and then still dive into a pool of pennies with your shiny new Huawei Watch.

Just be aware that there's now the newer Huawei Watch 2 2018 edition, too - an incremental upgrade currently only available in China. We also expect a Huawei Watch 3 to land within the next year, but if you can handle potential wrist envy and are happy with the Huawei Watch 2 package, this is one Prime Day deal worth exploring.

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