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Burg 31 is jack of all trades (master of none?) smartwatch

Kids security, senior citizen alarms, standalone calls, media's got the lot

The Burg 31 is quite possible the oddest sounding smartwatch yet.

GPS security features for kids - check.

Alarm raising for senior citizens - check.

Standalone call functions - check.

Built-in media player - check.

If that's the feature mix you're after, then you're in luck because the Burg 31 is on sale now for $129.

Looking like a regular tween-friendly analogue watch, the Burg 31 packs its own Micro SIM slot, room for a microSD card, GPS, Bluetooth and 2G/GPRS connectivity.

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The GPS means geo-fencing and tracking features for worried parents, as well as a 'find my watch' function; and the cellular function means, not only an emergency alarm option, but standalone phone features as well.

Yep, that'd right - you can use the Burg 31 to make and receive calls.

The most bizarre inclusion is the audio player. There's 128MB of onboard storage, which you can beef up with a microSD card, and you can then play your tunes through the watch's little speaker.

Because that's what the wearable world is missing.

$129 is pretty cheap for that spec-sheet however, so it might be worth a punt - if just for novelty value. You can order one now, with a choice of eight colours.

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  • eta says:

    how to order? How the SOS button (911) function? The watch is a gift to a dementia patient. Can we change the 911 speed dial to other selected number. Your prompt response is much appreciated. 


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