Hand picked: Best Moto 360 watch straps

It's a strap! How to pick the perfect partner for your Motorola smartwatch
Best Moto 360 watch straps

If you've just picked yourself up one of Motorola's second gen Moto 360 smartwatches, it's essential to add a top-looking strap to make it your own.

The problem with most smartwatches is that while looks are improving all the time, the straps are often an afterthought. This was the case with the original Moto 360, which came with a rather lacklustre leather band.

Motorola has since upped its game with the Moto 360 2, which not only is available in three different sizes – 42mm and 46mm 'mens' options and a 42mm 'womens' female – but also now features stylish lugs either side of the circular body to easily attach a custom strap.

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Depending on which variants of the Moto 360 V2 you choose, the strap widths vary between 16mm (for the female), and 20 or 22mm (for the males).

We've taken a look at a whole host of the best smartwatch straps out there that are compatible with the new Moto 360 and picked out our favourites for each model.

Of course, if none of the straps we've picked happen to catch your eye, the fact that the strap can be easily swapped out means you'll hopefully be inspired to kit out your new smartwatch with a quality accessory to set it apart from the standard models.

Fitting a Moto 360 strap

No matter which size of Moto 360 2 you have chosen, changing the strap is a relatively straightforward affair. There are specialist tools to remove the metal pin which holds a strap in place, but it can be done equally effectively with a sharp knife if care is taken.

Simply slide in the removal tool (or knife) into the gap between the strap and the lugs and you should feel a small grove in the pin. Use the tool to push the pin towards the opposite side and you should feel it 'pop' out of the lug. You can then slide the pin out of the strap and keep it to one side, ready to replace with your new strap.

If you still have the original Moto 360, removal is still perfectly possible, but most definitely requires the use of the specialist tool. The original Motorola smartwatch is compatible with a variety of 22mm straps such as the Pebble Steel Watch Band.

16mm Moto 360 straps

StrapsCo coloured leather strap

If you're after a comfortable yet elegant leather strap to accompany your lady's variant of the 42mm Moto 360 2, then this matte genuine leather strap from StrapsCo is just the ticket. Available in a huge range of colours and with a polished stainless steel buckle, you're sure to find a strap to match your outfit; choose from light blue, light pink, black, dark brown, brown, red, grey, yellow, green and orange.

$15.99 | Amazon

Ritche ceramic link strap

While the vast majority of watch straps are either leather, fabric or metal, this unique link strap from Ritche is made of hardened ceramic. An invisible stainless steel double folding clasp mechanism makes the join almost invisible, yet easy to remove.

$25.99 | Amazon

Minott gold Milanese loop strap

The Apple Watch may have brought Milanese loop straps into mainstream popularity, but that isn't to say they are exclusive to the Cupertino timepiece. This 16mm gold-coloured stainless steel strap is an ideal accessory for the rose gold Moto 360 2. As you may have guessed from the price, this German strap is not made from real gold; however it does a rather good impersonation.

£38.95, Amazon

Hirsch Italocalf Calfskin strap

Sometimes a simple leather strap can be the most comfortable option on any watch, and that includes Hirsch's Italocalf calfskin strap. As the name suggests, it's made from supple leather from younger hide, and comes in a range of different colours.

$14.95 | Amazon

20mm Moto 360 straps

Geckota H-link shark mesh strap

Inspired by the original Omega Seamaster strap, this black H-link "Shark Mesh" strap from Geckota is made from chunky stainless steel links and looks just the part when combined with the black Moto 360 2. Available in either 20mm or 22mm variants, and also in polished or satin steel to match up with the silver variant of Motorola's latest smartwatch.

$72, | Amazon

Zuludiver leather Nato strap

Nato-style watch straps are a popular staple alternative to the numerous silicone or metal straps that come as standard on most watches. This leather military-style strap from Zuludiver can be had in a wide range of colours including a variety of browns, black, red, grey, orange and more; the strap also features a chunky stainless steel buckle which matches nicely with the chunky metal body of the Moto 360.

$34 | Amazon

Hirsch Mariner leather strap

The Hirsch Mariner leather strap might be your ideal choice if you love the feel of real leather straps but are looking for a more simplistic – yet good quality –choice that won't detract from the elegant design of Motorola's circular smartwatch. ]

$47.95 | Amazon

Ritche stainless steel link strap

There's little doubt that a metal strap adds a certain element of class (and weight) to any watch, and this style of strap is ideally suited to combine with the solid steel shell of the Moto 360. Ritche's stainless steel solid link straps come in either black or silver and are higher quality than the price might suggest, with a foldover clasp and handy release button.

$14.59 | Amazon

22mm Moto 360 straps

Di-Modell Nevada leather strap

A high-quality suede-effect finish with a stainless steel buckle for a smart look, the Di-Modell Nevada comes with the spring bars required for easy fitting to your Moto 360.

£21.70 | Amazon

ISOfrane rubber dive watch strap

Rubber's not for everyone, but for some, no alternative is anywhere near as comfortable. If you're prepared to pony up for a strap that fetches as much as some older smartwatches, then ISOfrane's rubber dive strap is for you. Available in a range of sizes and in black, yellow, blue, turquoise, orange or NATO green colours.

$99, WatchObsession (UK) | Chronoworld (US)

StrapJunkie hand stitched vintage leather strap

If you're a lover of vintage things as much as you are the latest gadgets, then combining a Moto 360 smartwatch with a vintage leather strap such as this little stunner from StrapJunkie should bring your two passions together nicely. Crafted in the UK in a variety of thick, durable leather with a hand stitched design.

$36 | Amazon

MiLTAT NATO Velcro strap

Rubber, metal and leather are all well and good, but if you're looking for an incredibly durable strap that fits almost any size rist, the MiLTAT NATO Velcro strap will keep your Moto 360 well fastened onto your wrist with great comfort and an unusual look to boot.

$30.86, | Amazon


  • jpurv says:

    The best looking and most durable watch band by far is the one shown in the video: the Pebble Steel. Perfect color match, perfect fit, and about a quarter of the price of Moto's own metal band.

  • TimeHunter says:

    Sheesh. Trunk Club took a look? Right. The only one of these suggested bands that will actually fit the 360 is the Dodo. None of the others have the notch in them where the case pins go. And the military strap especially won't work with the way the 360 has designed the case around where the pins lock in.

  • Pintados says:

    Are there any straps that is used for fitness or outdoors? Found awesome and revolutionary straps that will fit your smartwatches.This is called Wristmate. This is available for Moto360, Apple Watch and Fitbit Blaze.

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  • Pintados says:

    Are there any straps that is used for fitness or outdoors?.. Found awesome and revolutionary straps that will fit your smartwatches.This is called Wristmate. This is available for Moto360, Apple Watch and Fitbit Blaze.

    You can get one at Indiegogo
    Or you can visit the site for more updates and information: Wristbrain

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