​Asus VivoWatch launched with 10-day battery and low £120 price

New smartwatch arrives targeting the Apple Watch's flaws
Asus VivoWatch launched with 10-day battery

Asus has officially launched its second smartwatch, the £120 VivoWatch.

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Its previous smartwatch – the Asus ZenWatch – was unveiled back in September, joining the Android Wear smartwatch army. However, now it's back with a new fitness-centric watch, with a massively improved battery life of up to ten days.

Asus' new smartwatch is something of a fitness focused Pebble rival. The VivoWatch is Android and iPhone compatible with VivoPulse optical heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking tech on board.

Asus really is going big on health and fitness with IP67 waterproofing, a UV sensor and, on the software side, a Happiness Index which provides users with a summary overall health and wellbeing based on sleep and activity levels.

The VivoWatch's body is the same squircle shape as the ZenWatch but with what looks to be a smaller screen. All we know at this stage is that it has a low power 128 x 128 display - we're not sure if it's e-paper colour or touchscreen yet - with Gorilla Glass 3 on top and the smartwatch itself weighs 50g, fitting any 22mm watch strap. We're not sure what OS the VivoWatch is running on yet but it's not Android Wear, that's for sure.

The real trick up its sleeve is that ten day battery life, which should prickle the interest of those considering an Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatch.

Complaints over short longevity – in most cases less than two days, and in extreme situations, less than a day – have plagued current big brand devices, and played into the hands of companies such as Pebble.

Of late, battery life has become a differentiator, and new companies like Vector have targeted high-end design and decent longevity. However, there are always pay offs, and usually it comes down to low brightness LCD displays, which inevitably ruins high-end design.

The Asus VivoWatch will go on sale in May - no exact release date yet - on Amazon, Watchshop.com and in selected Goldsmiths stores in the UK.


  • Extraneus says:

    So, no Windows compatibility? Guess that's another one off the list...

    • kaan says:

      why do you need Windows compatibility for a smart watch?

      • Extraneus says:

        Because I use a Windows phone, a Lumia 1520...

  • Azure says:

    i want to know the Price in Peso and how to order it. The cool gadget real looks useful 

  • squash7733 says:

    This watch had serious problems from the first day!

    Then I sent it for Warranty Claim and got the runaround for over two months!

    Still not fully resolved and haven't got my money back as yet.


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