Android Wear Apple Watch edition on show... sort of

Another hack from 16 year old Corbin Davenport adds some retro Mac action

If you're torn between the Apple Watch and Android Wear then Corbin Davenport may have the answer for you... a Google smartwatch running Apple software.

Although, this probably isn't the hack you're imagining. It's not Watch OS running on Davenport's modded Samsung Gear Live; it's Mac OS. We're not talking Yosemite, we're talking about the Apple software you'd have found on a Macintosh II in 1991.

Davenport, who has previously hacked Windows 95 and Minecraft to run on Android Wear, used the Mini vMac emulation package for his latest wacky mod-job.

As with his previous hacking examples, it's best not to ask why, or to criticise the usefulness of his efforts; rather sit back and enjoy some absolutely pointless but impressive handiwork.

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