Triby IO wants to control your smart home

CES 2017: Upgrade to the Alexa boasting kitchen speaker revealed in Vegas
Triby IO wants to control your smart home

Invoxia has taken the covers off of its next-gen smart kitchen speaker. Triby IO picks up from where the original Triby left off but adds a new smart home management interface into the mix.

If you're not familiar with the premise of Triby - allow us to get you up to speed. It's a kitchen memo system / connected speaker that lets you leave messages for your family on the E Ink display or contact them instantly with Wi-Fi calling. Plus, if you forget to leave a note, you can sketch one out when you're not at home using your smartphone as a canvas.

It also has internet radio on board and Spotify Connect and the sound from the Vivo Acoustic speakers is pretty impressive. Invoxia was also one of the first third parties to fully integrate Amazon's Alexa into a non-Echo speaker.

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Triby IO takes the smart home controls beyond just those of Alexa though - with IFTTT compatibility meaning you won't be relying on your smartphone or tablet to control your connected tech.

For example, Triby IO can be set to play your favourite radio station or Spotify tune, while at the same time broadcasting the weather on the screen and turning on selected Hue lights throughout the house.

"With Triby IO, Invoxia offers a natural, contextual solution to interact with our smart environments and overcome the limits set by an individual smartphone that is not suitable for a collective use," explained Sebastien de la Bastie, the company's CEO.

"Triby IO is positioning an independent and universal interface for the smart home to take better advantage of its opportunities and remove these restrictive routines where every smartphone is a redundant and complicated remote."

Out in the spring, Triby IO will cost $199.

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  • Poyajayne says:

    please help ,I've downloaded the app onto my iPhone,but it won't pick up my gear fit 2 from Bluetooth search ? 

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