Ring's Smart Doorbell 2 makes monitoring your smart home much easier

Swappable battery fixes a big oversight
Ring Smart Doorbell 2 breaks free

If you're not living with a smart door bell, you're not living. Ring, the aptly named smart doorbell company has just announced its new Video Doorbell 2, which makes it easier than ever to keep an eye on who's approaching the house.

The biggest difference is that it now comes with a swappable rechargeable battery, something that previous versions surprisingly lacked, demanding you either run it off an existing power line or take it down each time you needed to re-juice. It was a bit of an oversight, but the new system makes much more sense.

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You'll get a 1080p stream, up from the prior's 720p (unless you had the Pro model), and an improved night vision mode, so you can keep an eye on strangers in the dark. Or if you're Wareable editor in chief Paul, your primary use will be telling the delivery person to "throw the parcel over the fence".

You'll get that stream and two-way audio straight to your smartphone of course, however if you want to record video then you'll have to pay monthly.

The Video Doorbell 2 is available now for $199 and also comes with swappable face plates, if that's important to you.

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