Google Brillo and Weave will power your future smart home

Internet of things solution, powered by Android, revealed at Google I/O 2015
Google Brillo will power your smart home

Google has big plans to power your smart home of the future, with the search giant unveiling an "end to end complete solution", called Brillo, at its I/O developer conference.

Google's senior vice-president of products, Sundar Pichai, took to the Moscone Center West stage to reveal the new platform. It's essentially a stripped down version of Android - it uses the same kernel as the mobile OS - that the company wants installed on everything from your smart door lock to your connected kettle.

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Google Brillo is the name of the operating system that the Android-powered smart devices will run on, the company is calling the connecting technology Google Weave.

Brillo – "the underlying operating system for the internet of things" – will go live for developers in Q3 2015; Weave should land before the end of the year.

The internet of things is, without doubt, one of the most exciting prospects of an ever-connected world but, let's face it, it's a shoddy mess at the moment.

While smart bulbs, connected fridges and self-learning thermostats all have no problems impressing consumers, the fact that these devices require their own platforms, and run via an array of different software packages, makes the prospect of a seamless smart home unlikely.

Google Brillo, along with the likes of Apple's HomeKit, should make things a bit more seamless.

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