Get started with Stringify: The top Flows for your smart home

There's an IFTTT rival in town, with an eye on your connected tech
Stringify Flows for your smart home

IFTTT isn't your only gateway to a connected, automated smart home setup. For users looking at chaining together more than a couple of platforms at once - Stringify could well be the answer.

With more, er, strings to its bow than IFTTT, Stringify offers extra functionalities and freedoms that its bigger name rival.

In Stringify you setup a trigger from a 'Thing' - the initial action that kicks things off - and then assign Thing actions to follow after in the Flow. Yep, Flow. There'll be no talk of recipes here. These Flows can include multiple parameters to trigger an action or have multiple actions triggered.

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This is particularly useful if you want to string together a bunch of connected tech platforms and then add extra dimensions such as time periods to the mix. Plenty of the big names - Nest, LIFX, Hue, Alexa, Fitbit and more - are on board too. The big downside is that it's iOS only, for now, but we're told that an Android alternative is incoming.

Anyways - on to the main ingredient. Here are our pick of the 5 best Stringify Flows...

Drafty reminder

Let's jump straight in with a Flow that highlights just how complex things can get with Stringify - this one uses six different Things: Nest, Multi Sensor, Location, Hue, Notification and Weather.

This Flow looks to see if your location (from your smartphone) is set to home and that your front door Multi Sensor has been open for 20 minutes. If those are both true then it will turn a Hue bulb blue and send you an SMS saying: "The front door has been open for 20 minutes". If the temperature outside is above 80 degrees then it will set your Nest Thermostat temperature to 75 inside or if it's below 50 it will turn the temp up inside, putting it up to 60. These temperatures, and time periods, are all adjustable too - as is the bulb colour and the text message.

See, we told you it was a bit more in-depth than IFTTT.

Smarter Philips Hue security lights

best stringify flows

Philips Hue and Nest already team up pretty well without IFTTT or Stringify getting involved - but you can get a lot more specific with the latter powering the processdings.

We have it set up so that, between midnight and 5am, if either of our Nest Cams detect motion, certain Hue lights will turn on. We've also set it so that these lights turn off after 15 minutes, as we don't want to come downstairs to find everything lit up just because a cat had a walk around the outside of our house.

Get stepping

best stringify flows

Need more of a reminder to get stepping than a buzz on your fitness tracker?

This Flow can be set up for a specific time late in the afternoon, when you've got a fair way to go to hit your 10,000 step goal, so that you get a passive-aggressive text message telling you to get moving. Your LIFX bulbs will also flash to give an added sense of urgency.

You could get rid of the text, or the lights - and replace them with all manner of things to get you motivated. Maybe have your speakers shout, "Get moving you lazy fucker." Whatever works best for you.

Movie night mood

best stringify flows

Got a mix of Hue and LIFX bulbs? We all have, LIFX are much cheaper eh? There's no need for that to ruin movie night though.

This Flow, which is triggered when you tell Amazon Alexa that it's "time to run movie night", sets all your smart bulbs to 15% brightness, no matter what the brand.

Chubby buddy

best stringify flows

That's actually the name of this flow. Chubby buddy. Brilliant. Essentially it's designed to fat-shame you into losing weight.

After your Withings smart scales register a 200lbs+ reading you'll get a text with the weight, fat mass and fat ratio all detailed and and a message over Sonos will say, "You weigh X. Are you kidding me? Do something about it today." And your Hue bulbs will turn red at 100% brightness too, just for an added kick in the teeth.

Naturally, you can customise the weight trigger and the Sonos message. Maybe a rendition of, "Who ate all the pies?"

Get started

To setup these Flows, and create your own ones you'll need to download the Stringify iOS app.

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  • ekzoo85 says:

    Great write-up!  Shhh... don't tell anyone, but the only reason I hold onto my work phone is because it is an iPhone and I use Stringify on it!  This app is amazing and works great.  Another app you may want to check out is Yonomi (no affiliation, just a great app).  I currently use that on my Android phone (personal one) and it's similar to Stringify in that you can trigger certain events based on others.  You can also link it to Amazon Echo, the the Echo app.

    Back to Stringify -- I'm really excited at the new partners they've been adding and am looking forward to seeing where they go in the future.

    Thanks for sharing this write-up!  I'm hoping once our smart home brand gets up and running, to share a tutorial on how to use Stringify with our Z-Wave products via SmartThings.


  • ekzoo85 says:

    Welp, not sure if my prior comment went through, but this is definitely something I'm excited about, so I figured I'd comment again -- so please ignore if the other one shows up.

    First off, thanks for sharing this.  I actually have a work phone that I only hold on to because it is an iPhone and I can use Stringify on it.  What a fantastic app!  Love the Wink integration and all the new partners they've been adding.  

    Another app you may want to check out is called Yonomi which is similar.  I actually use it on my Android phone and have used it for quite some time now.  It's sort of similar to Stringify, except not as many options.  What I do like about it is that the app can integrate with Amazon Echo via the Echo app and you can name your voice commands (ie: "Alexa, Turn on Batmode" or something cheesy like that).

    Anyway, again, thanks for the write-up.  I'm looking to do one myself when we finally launch our home automation products which so far work on Stringify via Wink.

    Inovelli | Smart Home

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