Open sesame: The best smart locks for your not-so-humble abode

Keys are what your grandad used to open his front door
The best smart locks

Smart locks are not perfect. They're expensive, they're probably easier to hack than pick and there is that rather large question mark about what happens when they crash - because you just know they will. In fact, have a bit of a think about whether you want to give up on your good, old fashioned keys at all. This will help.

Still with us? Good, now that we've ditched those losers that don't believe in the future, let's take a look at the smart locks you can buy and why these are the few that you need to consider.

August Smart Lock Pro

Open sesame: The best smart locks for your not-so-humble abode

Undeniably the poster-child of the smart lock world, August is compatible with most North American style cylindrical lock types, and uses a Bluetooth connection with your device to open up as you approach. It also works with a key, just incase your phone runs out of battery.

The new Smart Lock Pro maintains the same look as the second generation, which added Apple HomeKit support, but also comes with a Connect bridge in the box. This lets you control your lock from anywhere via phone.

Additionally, there's a new feature called DoorSense, which works with a small module you install near the lock. Previous August Smart Lock owners know that auto-lock was a bit temperamental, and would kick in even if your door was open. DoorSense will only lock the door when it's closed.

All of your favorite features are here, like Access mode, which offers a list of companies that can take care of stuff at home for you while you're away, companies like Sears and Postmates, Handy, Fetch and Shyp. You can even schedule appointments within the app. New for the Pro are much smarter alerts, which will let you know when your door has been open for an oddly long time. This is still in beta though.

All the support you expect is here: HomeKit, Alexa, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave Plus and Bluetooth. The Smart Lock Pro is fully compatible with your smart home setup. It'll even work with your Apple Watch.

From $279,| Amazon

Kwikset Kevo

Open sesame: The best smart locks for your not-so-humble abode

The Kwikset Kevo, made by Unikey, is pretty much the gold standard of smart locks. It doesn't necessarily have the best features at the most favourable price point but it's reliable because it's been around long enough for most of the bugs to have been ironed out already.

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One of the big pluses, though, is that you can self-install it which keeps the cost down to a fairly reasonable $229. It also has a rather nifty touch-to-unlock feature, which means that you don't even need to pull your phone out of your pocket to open the door thanks to Bluetooth proximity sensing.

Like all the best smart locks, you can grant eKeys to guests and tradesmen and such, although there is a cost for that service if you want anything more complex than a 24 hour free pass. The fact that it looks fairly normal from the outside is a definite bonus and it comes with a keyhole as well just in case there's any luddites in the family. Throw in some interesting tie-ins with Nest and the addition of using Kevo fob keys instead of your phone and you've got yourself something that looks a lot like a winner.

$229, | Amazon

August Smart Lock

Open sesame: The best smart locks for your not-so-humble abode

If you want in on the August smart lock world but don't want to pony up the cash for the Pro, August has got you covered. It's made a new, more affordable lock simply called the Smart Lock. It ditches the cylindrical shape for an oval one, and even comes with a traditional thumb-turn.

It doesn't come with the Connect bridge that the Pro does, but you can purchase that separately at a later date if you wish. It does, however, come with DoorSense, so you can avoid the pain of your August lock locking when it's open. All the other smart lock features, from guest access to an activity feed is all here.

From $149, | Amazon

Yale Keyless Connected

best smart locks

A name you can trust is a very good thing when it comes to something as delicate as home security, and that's very much the play with the Yale Keyless Connected. Not only is it key-free, it's also (if you want it to be) free of smartphones too, which might even make it a little safer still.

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Instead of using the app, you can opt to open this smart lock either with a key fob/card, or with a pin code. You can change your code any time you need and give out different combinations for temporary access too. It also happens to be alarmed which should give any code-crackers a bit of a fright.

One thing: while this exact Yale lock isn't available in the US, there is the comparable Yale Assure, which is available for $199.

[gbp="135.44"], | Amazon

$199, | Amazon

Schlage Sense

The Schlage Sense will get you into your home by tapping in an access code on your iPhone or via the built in touchscreen. It's a deadbolt setup and requires a screwdriver to get it installed and up and running. There's still a keyhole present as a back up and should fit most door sizes. It comes in satin nickel or matte black finishes, helping to make it by far one of the sleekest smart locks on the list.

It's also compatible with Apple HomeKit for Siri support so you can bark commands and pair up with other smart home devices.

It has built-in alarm sensors to detect intruders and can be controlled away from home when someone has forgotten their keys. You will need to own an Apple TV to unlock those remote features, so that's worth keeping in mind before spending your money.

$218, | Amazon

Lockitron Bolt

best smart locks

The Bolt is the second generation product from Lockitron. It works wirelessly with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you get all the low-power of the proximity opening experience, plus the ability to remote unlock your house for anyone that decides to surprise you at an ill-advised time.

Lockitron is one of the cheapest on the list and it's very easy to add and remove guest access as you need through the app. On top of that, it looks pretty good and it's got one of the best developer communities out there behind it, with out-of-the-box support from both Android and iOS. Lockitron should be easier to install than most smart locks because it's a more like-for-like lock replacement that requires no calibration. Oh, you can also purchase the bridge with the Lockitron for $179.

$99, | Amazon

Mul-T-Lock ENTR

best smart locks

Something of the Rolls Royce of smart locks, the Mul-T-Lock ENTR's most eye-catching feature is that it's biometric. Yep, the future is here; your door will open by fingerprint ID. Do we need to write any more? Well, probably given that that extra little bit of wizardry comes in at a bonus $200. Instead, you could go for the standard PIN pad at $100 but where's the fun in that?

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You get all the mod-cons with ENTR, such as access using a smartphone and a fob you can dole out for temporary access using your app or a PIN code as required. Best of all, it's probably the most solid of all locks with its three-barrel multi-lock technology, as the name suggests. It's too hardcore to work on some of the plastic doors out there, but you're fine with anything made from wood or metal.

Sure, this one ain't cheap once you've upgraded your way to full biometrics but it's invisible from the outside and super-smooth to use; maybe the smartest smart lock of the lot.


Master Lock

A bit different, this one, as it's obviously not designed to go on your front door. But you could sling it onto a gym locker, the garage door, some filing cabinets or a gate to keep your possessions well protected.

This heavy duty Bluetooth smart padlock is available in indoor and outdoor models and can be unlocked from the touch control and a combination of swipes. It also works via the Vault eLocks app (iOS and Android) where you can also access multiple padlocks, share digital keys to give access to others and even schedule guest access for those one off occasions.

It's powered by a CR2450 battery, which means you should get up to two years of protective power.

$70 (Indoor), $89 (Outdoor), | Amazon

Noke Padlock

best smart locks

Like the Master Lock, this Kickstarter success story is a connected padlock that could be a good fit for a side gate or shed, or pretty much anywhere else where you normally use a standard padlock.

Made with zinc, steel, and a boron hardened shackle for an attractive, water resistant and highly durable solution, the Noke uses Bluetooth to sync up with your smartphone, meaning no fumbling about for keys with your cold, wet hands. It's weather-proof and you can even give contacts temporary access to open up whatever it is guarding.

$79, | Amazon


best smart lock systems

Sesame is a tricky one. It's everything that's right and wrong with smart locks all at the same time. Right: it's seriously easy to install; easier than all the others, says Sesame. Wrong: it offers far too many kinds of funky access methods to make you feel comfortable. Apparently it fits any deadbolt-style lock in the world. Plus you can set it so that a secret knock on your door will automatically let you in.

Bear in mind - this was a very delayed Kickstarter campaign which has some unhappy backers now it has shipped.

$149 ($229 with remote Wi-Fi control), | Amazon


best smart lock systems

Haven is a real stand-out amongst the smart locks and that's exactly what its creators were trying to design. Not satisfied with the level of security that the deadbolt systems offer, it works by providing a barrier across the bottom of the door frame which makes it next to impossible to simply kick in.

There's still most of that remote access and temporary key functionality thanks to the dual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless operation but the feature that we, obviously, particularly like is that you can use all sorts of fitness tracker and smartwatch wearables to unlock it.

What's more, because it doesn't attach to your current door lock system, it's far more universal. Check the products dimensions and recommended clearance on your floor with what you have at home, and away you go.


Poly-Control Danalock V3

Open sesame: The best smart locks for your not-so-humble abode

The newest in the line of Poly-Control smart locks, the company has been gradually building out its feature set. While first relying on its looks, the latest iteration has the benefit of being ridiculously easy to install, good looks, interoperability with most smart home platforms (except for HomeKit) and a global reach.

The Danalock V3 is one of the few smart locks that works anywhere in the world and with multiple door types. You can also send out temporary access keys to guests via SMS or email, easy settings for your kids and something called TwistAssist. Basically, if you nudge the little dial it'll unlock and lock on its own.


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  • tacit0ne says:

    I enjoy the look of many of these smart locks, but I would only ever buy a device with an actual key hole.

    What is one supposed to do with a keyless smart lock in the case of a power outage?

    • zylstra says:

      They are battery powered, with weeks/months of alerts before the battery dies.

  • tacit0ne says:

    I enjoy the look of many of these smart locks, but I will only ever buy one with low-tech key capabilities.

    What is one supposed to do with the fancy keyless offerings in the event of a power outage?

    • Duh says:

      Power Outage? It runs on a battery.. Change the battery.

      • rosethornne says:

        suuuuure.... the batteries are INSIDE

        I have a battery powered keypad lock which I love, but have had to drag out the ancient key thing half a dozen times in the last few years.  Not very often, but necessary when it is in fact necessary.  

        Sometimes it isn't even the battery but the mechanism jams - then what?  You're screwed, that's what. Unless you thought of contingencies.

  • animals says:

    A WARNING TO EVERYONE: DO-NOT ORDER THE GOJI SMART LOCK IT IS A SUPER SCAM:They will not send you a lock and will not give refunds SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

    • Marrkk says:

      Gogi's parent company filed for bankruptcy on December 22.  A lawsuit was filed against them in San Diego Superior Court in November, apparently by one of their suppliers, Room 5; asking for $1,600,000.

  • mjustiniano says:

    Sesame Smart Lock is most probably a scam.

    I am one of 7.500 backers on Kickstarter that have paid them a total amount of 1,5 million dollars to support and receive this product.

    The company Candy House has not given any updates for several months, the product should have been delivered a long time ago, and noone has received the product nor any information about delivery.

    Search for Sesame on Kickstarter and you will see many thousand negative comments that confirm what I here claim, and you will also see the desperate need for an update.

    You should update your article with this information as it is vital for the consumer.

    At least until some backers can confirm that the product is delivered and works.

    Thank you.

  • terrychan33 says:

    I like the article, but why just compare with North America digital door locks?  Korea has digital door locks for over 30 years with hundred of styles, there must be somethings that they are good at.  I'm interested to see a comparison?

    Thank you

    • Marrkk says:

      Samsung Korean locks are now being offered on the web.  However, the one available is not a deadbolt, rather an inside surface mount (lock screwed to the inside face of the door, latch catch to the inside face of the door frame), an arrangement that can be forced much more easily than a deadbolt lock.

  • jdiben says:

    How can you possibly declare these the best smart locks when at least 4 of them don't exist. You even say "let's take a look at the best smart locks around right now". They're not around. You should make it clear that your review is nothing more then a comparison of promises from companies that don't have a product and feature lists from products you've never touched. You make it sound like you've reviewed these products and can provide insight into the best of the bunch.

  • Stu says:

    I'm looking at the Samsung SHS-DP728 lock, it's got Bluetooth, a number pad and biometric sensors, as well as an emergency key bypass

  • Kec says:

    Can I register new user code while the battery is low?

  • leony says:

    sesame i see that is more expensive that u said in article

    its 149 $ and 200 $ with wifi ...

    so is the same price almost august smart lock...

  • Todler62895 says:

    BEWARE!!! Lockitron is pure vaporware with thousands of customers dating back to 2012 as of today still waiting to receive their purchase, now called the Bolt/Bridge, which they paid for in advance but not received, and which Lockitron will not say when and if they ever wil.

  • Todler62895 says:

    BEWARE!!!! Lockitron so far is pure vaporware: Thousands of customers going back to 2012, as of today are still waiting to receive the product, now termed the so-called Bolt/Bridge, they paid for but have yet to receive; and Lockitron refuses to say when and if they ever will.

  • JW1 says:

    I just got my Sesame lock installed.  The delivered functionality is quite limited.  The feature to tap on your phone to unlock the door very rarely works unless the app is in the foreground on my iphone.

  • Ricketts says:

    Sesame is definitely a scam. They have taken thousands of backers hard earned dollars and instead of delivering on their promises, started selling the backer's locks on amazon. Very unfortunate and has tarnished the kickstarter campaign for me

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