And the award for Weirdest Wareable Ever goes to... Virgin's First Class shoes

Guess you could say you'd be looking pretty... fly

Most of us can't afford to fly first class, but then if you were rocking a pair of these sneakers, you'd never need to.

Introducing Virgin's First Class shoes, a lavish experience for your feet that push at - nay completely uproot - the boundaries of tasteful fashion. Do they self-lace like Nike's? Nope, they go one better - they play movies. And charge your phone. And double as a Wi-Fi hotspot. And feature mood lighting to give you the authentic high-flyer experience.

If the seatbelt buckle hadn't already given it away, it's all a bit of a joke from Virgin. Only one pair have been made, and to snag them you'll have to outbid everybody else on eBay.

At a current price of $1,426.00, you'll probably be spending more than the price of a first class ticket to get them, but it's all for a good cause, with the money going to Souls4Sols charity.

At last, you'll be able to watch Das Boot on your das boots.

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