Hexoskin's astronaut smart clothing will measure vitals back on Earth

Astroskin wants to measure vitals in the health space and the military
Hexoskin Astroskin tracks vitals in space
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Hexoskin, one of the early players in the quest to bring smart clothing to the masses, is launching its Astroskin smart garment that can track a user's vitals including heart rate and blood pressure.

The garment, which is made up of an upper body shirt and headband, has previously been used in a bunch of studies and evaluations to measure vitals like sleep activity. Built in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency, the Astroskin is based on the Bio-Monitor that Hexoskin built to monitor astroanuts' health in space.

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The setup is able to continuously monitor blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, activity levels, ECG, HRV, breathing rate and skin temperature. That data is tracked in real-time for 48 hours. There's also an iOS app and the company's custom software to review the data.

Now it's taking that astronaut-friendly tech and is making it available to be used for health research and by organisations in the pharmaceutical and military and defense space.

Hexoskin has been working on smart clothing since 2006 and successfully crowdfunded its sports clothing range back in 2013 that's capable of monitoring breathing rate, heart rate, track activity and sleep. The Hexoskin Smart, which is currently available for anyone to buy, works with a host of third party apps and accessories including the Apple Watch. The onboard sensors measure heart rate, heart rate recovery and measure running metrics like cadence and stride.

Unlike the Smart, Astroskin is clearly aimed at serious health monitoring and should help get people more used to wearing smart garments. We're still waiting for that big smart clothing explosion, and the analysts keep on telling us it's going to happen. Hexoskin will surely be hoping it can play its part to make this happen.

astroskin smart clothing for astronauts and health space