The week in wearable tech

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The week in wearable tech

Wareable turned 1 this week and what better birthday present than Samsung's new sleek smartwatch, now set for an official launch at IFA.

Elsewhere, NASA is asking for smartwatch app designs for astronauts aboard the ISS, an eight-year-old has built a 3D printed wearable and Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe disses augmented reality.

Read on for the biggest headlines in wearable tech.

Samsung Gear S2 teased at Unpacked

Samsung Gear S2 teased ahead of IFA reveal

We got a couple of glimpses of the new Gear S2 smartwatch that Samsung will be taking to IFA in Berlin on 3 Sept. It's fully round - we knew that - looks to be made from metal and runs Tizen. Some of the glimpses of apps, watchfaces and notifications look very slick indeed.

Check out our Samsung Gear S2 essential guide for all the rumoured specs and those new fashion lookbook pics of its new wearable. Or maybe you're more interested in our Huawei Watch guide, another round stunner headed to IFA. Also worth exploring are Fjord's five principles of wearable tech design - we wonder if Samsung has been listening with its radical new approach.

Oculus CEO: AR isn't good enough yet

Oculus CEO: AR isn't good enough yet

Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus, chatted about AR vs VR at Gamescom and pointed out a couple of flaws that augmented reality is still to overcome - field of view ruining the experience, getting people to wear dorky smartglasses in public and interacting with real world objects.

He sees augmented VR - which involves building up a 3D model of your real world environment - as the next step for Oculus, not AR.

If you haven't tried Oculus Rift yet, the Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival is hitting the US from the end of August. In our 8 wearable tech fails to avoid, one of our editors warns against walking into a (real) wall with a VR headset on. And we're very excited about Manus Machina's affordable motion tracking gloves for VR which will work with every major platform, bar Morpheus/PS4.

8-year-old knocks up 3D printed watch

8-year-old knocks up 3D printed smartwatch

This is the O Watch which eight-year-old Omkar Govil-Nair was showing off at the Bay Area MakerFaire next week. It runs on Arduino Zero, is 3D printed and should be getting its own crowdfunding campaign. Then Govil-Nair plans to take a nap, sources have confirmed.

In other smartwatch news, Fossil's CEO says smarter watches, not smartwatches, are the future for fashion tech. If you're still umming and aahhing over a smartwatch purchase, here's 17 things we've learned about the Apple Watch in three months. And in our first birthday #Trending special, we look at which categories need more work and which are doing well - clue, smartwatches aren't there yet.

NASA launches astronaut app contest

NASA crowdsources astronaut smartwatch app

The great thing about wearables - and apps designed for wearables - is that they can be super specific. Which is why NASA is crowdsourcing designs for a smartwatch app to be used by astronaut crews going about their daily work on the International Space Station.

Maybe you're not in space, but we can still narrow down which wearable is right for you - from the best lifelogging cameras, to a showdown between the Garmin Forerunner 225, the Fitbit Surge and the TomTom Cardio Multisport bpm running watches. One wearable is never going to be right for everyone.

Crowdfund this

Best wearable kickstarters

Our Crowdfund this pick of the week stretches the boundaries of our definition of wearable tech but it's awesome nonetheless.

Rxactive is activewear with built in resistance in the fabric panels - the aim is to make muscle and endurance training easier. The project has already smashed its Indiegogo target.

In fitness tech, we've looked at the best wearables for swimming this week as well as how to train with Strava and how to run better using heart rate training zones.

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