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Spotify finally arrives on the Samsung Gear S3 and S2

Music to our ears

There's a notable lack of decent apps on Samsung's smartwatches right now, but the latest addition of Spotify is going to make a big difference.

The music app is finally rolling out to the Gear S2 and newer Gear S3. The app will let you control playback on your wrist, browse through charts, search artists and scroll through your playlists.

You'll be able to play music directly through the watch, either through its speakers or to some wireless headphones. Meanwhile the rotating bezel offers a way to control streams beyond the touchscreen.

Sadly there's no offline mode right now, so if you're taking it for a run then you'll only be able to use it with the LTE watches, or hope that your gym has Wi-Fi. Hopefully we'll get the option to play our offline playlists in the future.

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The app is making a gradual global rollout, so if you don't yet see it on the Gear app store, don't fret. Some users in the UK and US are seeing it while others aren't, but everyone should have it by the end of the week.

Spotify finally arrives on the Samsung Gear S3

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  • Rockystunner1 says:

    Samsung smartwatch need  alexa amazon app Compatibility:with gear s 3 smartw to work infective and it will make the watch more useful for consumers . Think about it .

  • gbprotti says:

    hi, any news about gear s3 and iphone? I PAIRED with the new Gear manager app, but neither mail nor messages.are.working. only calls are fine. I cannot see the mail applocation on any suggestion? Many thanks and happy Xmas.

  • ambtay143 says:

    I'm really confused. I have the gear s2 but there is no app for spotify in the gear app store. Is it confirmed that it's been released for the gear s2 or is it only on the gear s3?

  • cal_1041 says:

    can't seem to find the spotify app in gear. any help?

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