Samsung is opening a virtual reality studio in New York and it's about time

Just one bit of VR news coming out of this year's Sundance Film Festival
Samsung is opening a VR studio in New York
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Samsung has announced, at the Sundance Film Festival 2016, that it's opening a virtual reality studio in New York to produce new VR experiences. Like early VR studios such as VRSE and Felix and Paul, Samsung will create its own content for headsets like the Samsung Gear VR.


Samsung also announced a year long partnership with the Sundance Institute, which organises the Film Festival, where 30 virtual reality short films, experiences and installations are being showcased in Park City, Utah this week for the Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard.


We don't have any details about the Samsung studio's first projects, how interactive they will be or whether any platforms other than Oculus/Gear VR will get a look in.

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But it's good news for the industry that Samsung is planning to spend the money necessary to keep the momentum going in 2016. Creating CG VR and 360 degree video are both still very expensive and the Gear VR has some promising early hits including the True Detective-style series GONE and games like Land's End and Smash Hit.


We do know that the studio will share office space with Samsung's marketing team which seems typically Samsung.

"At Samsung we love to tell stories," said Marc Mathieu, chief marketing officer at Samsung USA after making the announcement. "And we love to help people tell stories."

Look out for our round up of first impressions from some of the most exciting VR exhibits at Sundance, including Fox's The Martian experience and ILM's 'Holodeck', hitting the site very soon.


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