Samsung SmartThings now available in the UK

UK homes get smarter with Sammy's SmartThings Starter Kit
Samsung SmartThings launches in UK
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At IFA 2015, Samsung unveiled an update to its SmartThings hub and companion app. The company also announced that the smart home connector would be heading to the UK soon.


Starting today, UK residents can get their hands on Samsung's line of SmartThings products, including the new Starter Kit, as well as the second-generation Hub and latest sensors. The SmartThings Starter Kit is a good place to, well… start.

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It comes with the Hub, which connects to compatible smart home gadgets; the Multi Sensor monitor, which triggers an alert when connected doors are opened or closed; the Motion Sensor, which monitors movement; the Presence Sensor, which is a geo-location dongle that triggers an alert when a person comes home; and the Power Outlet, which turns any electronic device with a plug into a smart device.


As noted before, the new Hub now has video monitoring capability, a 10 hour backup battery, and the ability to use some features without the need of an Internet connection.

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Thanks to the new video monitoring feature, Samsung is introducing the Smart Home Monitor service, which delivers real-time text alerts and video clip notifications to the user or select contacts through the SmartThings app, available on both Android and iOS.

The SmartThings Starter Kit, which includes the Hub, Multi Sensor, Motion Sensor, Presence Sensor, and Power Outlet, is available now for £199. If you don't need the whole kit and caboodle, you can purchase the Hub for £99 and individual sensors for £30 to £45 each.