Field of view: The week in virtual reality - Gear VR 3 in the works for 2017

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Field of view: The week in VR
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Welcome to Field of view, your weekly digest on all things virtual reality.

On the site this week, we've been spending time with all the main devices before the holidays. Our big test between Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and the Sony PlayStation VR has a surprise winner which meant we've updated our list of the best VR headsets you can buy. Down at the affordable end, we stack the new Google Daydream View up against the Samsung Gear VR.


Elsewhere, we updated our list of the best Google Daydream apps and games as well as the best Google Cardboard apps. Plus we put together a list of Samsung Gear VR tips and tricks for everyone receiving - or buying themselves - one this December. You're all set.

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Samsung Gear VR 2 and Gear VR 3 are on the way

Interesting idea to tease this just before the holidays when a bunch of people are no doubt buying the Gear VR 2016 as gifts but hey, this is Samsung.


Samsung Electronics VP Dr. Sung-Hoon Hong told the Virtual Reality Summit in San Diego to expect a Gear VR 2 "in a short time" and a Gear VR 3 in 2017. Woah. He also said that Samsung are building two VR engines and looking into AR as a better business proposition.

From the previous rumours, we have already heard that we should expect both eye and face tracking in the next edition(s) of the Gear VR. Leap Motion hand tracking is another likely future feature.

Fox teams up with Felix & Paul

After its success with VR experiences for Wild and The Martian, Fox Innovation Lab has announced its partnering with VR studio Felix & Paul. There's no word on which movies will get the VR treatment yet, just that we will hear about the first one early next year.

Oculus Rift gets Xbox One streaming

To catch up with PlayStation VR's Cinema mode, you can now stream Xbox One (and Xbox 360) games to a virtual theater on the Oculus Rift. Your PC and Xbox just have to be connected to the same network.


Rivvr's wireless accessory

We've seen a few different candidates looking to make the current gen Rift and Vive headsets wireless but Rivvr looks pretty interesting. The 300g device compresses the video feed coming from the PC and will come in two models with three and six hour battery lives. No price yet, expect to hear more at CES in January.

Magic Leap's PR jumps ship

From stealth startup to stealth startup, Andy Fouché is leaving Magic Leap to go work on Andy Rubin's new thing. He's leaving his post as VP of PR a week after the most critical hands on impressions of the tech yet have popped up on the web. But we won't read too much into the industry moves till we've tried it ourselves.

Watch this: Night Predators of Africa

You know what, if Planet Earth II keeps posting 360 videos, we're just going to keep putting them here. This one's at night. And excellent. With spatial sound.

Play this: Need for Speed

If you can handle driving games in virtual reality, give Need for Speed: No Limits a go as it lands on Daydream this week. It's $15 so - as VR apps go - pretty expensive but there's tons of events, models and environments to make it worth your while.


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