​Samsung Gear S2 pre-order price undercuts the Apple Watch

Orders open up in Cananda - now we wait for the rest of the world's pricing
Gear S2 pricing undercuts the Apple Watch
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Best Buy Canada has started taking pre-orders for the Samsung Gear S2, and the headline news is that it just undercuts the Apple Watch.

Canada is the first place to get pre-orders of Samsung's round-faced smartwatch, and all eyes have been on the price tag – the only information not released by the company at IFA 2015.

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Canadian buyers will be able to pick up a Gear S2 for $400 CAD, which equates to around $301 USD. The Gear S2 classic clocks in at $430 CAD, which seems like a steal. In terms of comparison, the entry-level Apple Watch Sport costs $449 CAD. Best Buy says it will ship pre-orders on 2 October, so there's not long to wait.

While we're still waiting for pre-orders from other parts of the world, it confirms that Samsung isn't undervaluing its smartwatch offering.

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Its pricing puts it at the upper echelons of the smartwatch market, but cannily cheaper than Apple's heavily priced offering.

Stay tuned for more pricing as it appears.

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