Samsung Gear Fit2: The lowdown on the feature-packed fitness tracker

The second-gen Gear Fit comes with onboard GPS and standalone music player
Samsung Gear Fit2 essential guide

After two years, Samsung has officially unveiled the Gear Fit2, its fitness tracker follow up to the Gear Fit, and while the leaks have generally proved to be spot on, there were a few features we didn't expect.

Onboard standalone music will be a huge upgrade along with the option to choose between two different Fit2 sizes. Considering the first Gear wasn't entirely comfortable, we're hoping the new offering is better.

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With the devices's updates, Fit2 seems better poised to compete with Microsoft Band 2, the other wearable that's also a cross between a fitness tracker and smartwatch.

Read on to find out the rest of the official Gear Fit2 specs, features, price and release date.

Gear Fit2: Design

The Gear Fit2 certainly looks more watch-like than its predecessor, and features a new textured strap that also makes it much sportier.

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Materials used include aluminium polycarbonate and fiberglass while the screen is made from Gorilla Glass 3 and the strap from elastomer. The band is waterproof, with an IP68 certification, which means you can take it down to the watery depths of 1.5 metres for a maximum of 30 minutes.

The Fit2 is also about the same size as the previous iteration – however as mentioned previously, it will now come in two sizes for different wrists: small (size of wrist: 125-170mm) and large (size of wrist: 155-210mm).

Despite the variations in sizes, there's no difference in features, display size, resolution or battery except that the large version is slightly heavier at 30 grams while the smaller is 28 grams.

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There are also more colour options now as you can choose from black, blue and pink in both sizes. They aren't the flashiest of options but it's better than plain ol' black.

Gear Fit2: Specs

Where the first Gear Fit has a 1.84-inch curved super AMOLED display with a 432 x 128 pixel resolution, the second-gen device comes with a smaller 1.5-inch screen – but it will retain the curved super AMOLED display with a resolution of 432 x 216. With its colour touchscreen, the 322 pixels per inch squeezed in is bound to look bright and clear on the wrist.

You'll also find 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage, all powered by Tizen through a Samsung-made 1GHz dual-core processor.

Though there's no altimeter, Samsung says the Fit2 can still detect when you walk up stairs. The other sensors packed inside include GPS, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, barometer and accelerometer.

The GPS is completely built-in so you don't have to carry your phone around during outdoor workouts. You'll also be able to see a map of your running or biking route (along with running pace) all displayed on the screen.

Fit2 also keeps track of your heart rate more closely during exercises – and checks on your heart rate every 10 minutes.

Gear Fit2: Features

Keeping with the new trend of auto-tracking, the Gear Fit2 will be able to auto-detect and track steps, calories and sleep, along with being able to recognise when you're doing squats, riding a bike, using a rowing machine or doing yoga, which it will then log accordingly.

You can transfer fitness data between S Health and other 'select' fitness apps while Gear Fit2 also provides a 'Step Goal Challenge' that can be instantly shared with friends and family on Facebook.

Notifications include text, calls, email, apps and calendar. Similar to most smartwatches and the Band 2, you can also send pre-written quick replies and emoticons to anyone who calls or messages you.

New to the device is a standalone music player which is probably what the 4GB of storage will be used for. Now, Samsung says you can leave your phone behind for workouts. You'll need Bluetooth supported headphones to connect up to the Fit2 which is probably why Samsung is also conveniently releasing the Gear IconX wireless earbuds.

The audio formats it's able to play are MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, M4A, AMR, AWB, OGG, OGA and 3GA.

Samsung is also teaming up with Spotify for a dedicated app, although you'll still need your phone to play streaming music as there's no mobile connectivity on board.

Gear Fit2: Battery and compatibility

At 200 mAh the battery lasts three to four days, or five if you're generous with usage. This is 10 mAh smaller than the first Gear Fit, however it also lasted the same amount of time.

While the Fit2 isn't tied down to Samsung devices, it's still only compatible with Android 4.4 handsets. Sorry, iOS users.

Samsung Gear Fit2
Wareable may get a commission

Gear Fit2: Price and release date

For all the features you get – standalone GPS, music with decent battery life, colour touchscreen and more – the Fit2 sounds like the wearable to get for those who don't want to shell out for a screen-less fitness tracker or expensive smartwatch.

The Fit2 is even more appealing when you figure in its $180 price tag, which sets it a bit under the $250 Microsoft Band 2 and well below the Apple Watch.

You can preorder Samsung's Gear Fit2 online from Amazon, BestBuy, and Samsung, or wait to buy it at retail on June 10.

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Wareable may get a commission


  • robskiii says:

    i have the gear 1 and gear s. I dont use them much these days. Just dont need them

  • otranto4u says:

    This is my favorite watch so far - waterproof, curved, oled.

  • frere says:

    only compatible with Android 4.4 handsets. Sorry, iOS users.


    • Iwillconqr says:

      Apple Watch only compatible with cRapple phones???

    • Mart1n says:

      I don't think that's exactly correct. As I have read, Gear Manager app is being developed for iOS. So for now it is not compatible but it should be quite soon. I am, however, not sure to what extent.

  • frere says:

    Only compatible with Android 4.4 handsets. Sorry, iOS users.


  • Anuj says:

    Can it track swimming?

    • Nikhiln says:

      Yeah, I want to know the same thing. Thank you for asking. :)

      • serrano says:

        Not waterproof.

  • FabulousBambi says:

    Currently on Microsoft Band 2, I was actually considering Gear Fit 2 at some point for the promised samsung bio-processor measuring some additional fitness data like body fat and skeletal muscle mass, but sadly it seems it didn't make it into this product. That way Microsoft Band 2 is with the couched exercises still miles ahead.

  • Nick10 says:

    will the gear fit 2 communicate with the Nike + running app

  • Regdawg says:

    I've been a Microsoft Band and now Band 2 user because just didn't like the gear fit. It felt really cheap and lacked alot. Although the Fit 2 has many more features, I still think the Band 2 is ahead as far as the things it can track. I'm a huge Samsung fan but I don't think I'd replace my Band 2 for the Fit 2.   

    • Papatonight says:

      was Bans2 user now fit2 user. more than happy.. it records sleep automatically which is awesome. And more precise ans fun when used for running. Displays GPS trails.

  • chintanvyas says:

    when is this being launched in India? there isn't any news on this.

  • chintanvyas says:

    when is this being launched in India? though one of the biggest market, all tech companies always put this country last in launch priorities.

  • Sha says:

    does the gear fit 2 have smart calories 

  • ChrisDaniel says:

    Does it support swimming ?

    • jjjohnson404 says:


  • ChrisDaniel says:

    I have a Windows mobile,  can I view the Tracker information online via the web ?

  • OhhowieYamb says:

    Can you download from Google play music?

  • OhhowieYamb says:

    Can it download music from Google Play music?

  • PowerPC says:

    Is it possible to synchronize activities with Strava, Runkeeper or anything else than Samsung Health ?

  • 74Marek says:

    I have it, but unfortunatelly, gear fit 2 doesnt consider heart rate influence by calories burnt, as do e.g Polar. You can cycle as a devil, or take relaxed sightseen, result of burned calories will be the same. Very frustrating. It takes only some average value. If Samsung doesnt update SW, i ll go to another tracker. Till now it is only " image" tracker

    • Buffydamion says:

      This would be a 100% return reason if Samsung cannot fix this...

  • Buffydamion says:

    This NEED to be hotfixed

  • mozannara says:


    Is gear fit 2 read arabic fonts if I save my contact in arabic


  • smartfox says:

    Does This device tracksleep too? (Like FitBit Sourge showing no deep sleep or light sleep?)

  • pwel says:

    When will you post a full review of gear fit 2?

  • fb_seltur says:

    hello, we want this but when can we buy in TURKEY ? Noone knows here.

    Can we use it outside without telephone ?

    I think whe uses the gps ,the battery wont be able 3 days.

  • EmmaPrice says:

    I want to buy one but where? I don't know where to buy it. 

  • serrano says:

    Read in another review that it's not waterproof, so no.

  • alex12 says:

    fit2  is competibale with IOS , Im using with my iphone . Please do check again.

  • Panethiere says:

    I have the Galaxy Gear Fit 2 and The Wristband keeps popping open and falling off my wrist. I'd like to be able to buy a different Wii wristband.

    And to get one floor you have to go up 10 feet with most houses in the Midwest only having nine feet between floors. Could not be updated

  • jlacy says:

    My Gear Fit 2 was stolen and I had to get another one. My bf got me one off Craigslist, but it was a size S instead of L which I preferred. Does anyone know if I can buy a L wrist band and swap it out? The L wrist band is longer and puts the buckle to the side of my wrist instead of right under the wrist where it is uncomfortable when typing. Also the S seems to be TOO small on one hole, and TOO Large on the next. Is the actual device itself smaller, or is the lighter weight because it simply doesn't have as much wristband? Are the clasps built into the device for the wristbands the same from L to S?

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